100 Word Challenge – it wasn’t my fault

Another 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. Click on the logo to go check them out. I’m running late this week, haven’t  had time to read yet, but hope to catch up.

you bought her whatThis week’s prompt: “it wasn’t my fault

My entry, 102 words with prompt.


Mom and dad were fighting again.  Tami’s heart sputtered in her chest as she walked to the  closed door. She pressed her ear against it, and felt the wood vibrate against her cheek in rhythm with the shouts.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Her mom’s voice. Strident. Pleading.  “There was too much traffic. I had to pick. up Tami from school and-”

Thwap! Tami’s head jerked away from the door at the sound of the first punch.

She slid to the floor and covered her ears with her hands. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

Over and over she whispered,

“It’s  my fault.”



13 responses

  1. Oh this is heartwrenchingly sad. Well done to provoke that in so few words. Powerful stuff.

  2. I think someone needs to call Social Worker here before it’s too late! This kid is going through hell and it sounds like Mum should be looking for a battered women’s shelter… Which all adds up to: well written!

  3. so, so sad. Wonderful writing – you just jerk our hearts.

  4. Very moving and powerful piece. Excellent writing!

  5. This is so powerful – should be used in a Domestic Violence campaign. What a lot of emotion and tension in just 100 words. Great writing.

  6. […] only two thus far this week, the weekly 100 Word Challenge, this week’s prompt being “It wasn’t my fault“  And the Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge from a picture prompt, that I only managed […]

  7. Ronnie/Hurtled to 60 | Reply

    Oh my! That is one short story that evokes a lot of emotion.

  8. Makes me want to give Tami’s Pop a good smack! I know! I know! Violence can’t be answered with violence for an effective solution, but still…
    Very good writing. You’ve captivated my.

  9. Wow!
    A really powerful story.
    So much tension in so few words.
    Thanks for a great read.

  10. How sad for Tami and her mom. Well done!

  11. DancingInTheRain | Reply

    Excellent. Effective. Horrific. Poor child.

  12. Ohhh…..that’s an emotional one. Poor Tami, and poor mum.

  13. This is heart-wrenching. It’s unfortunately so true for too many children in this country. Really well-written.

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