Sunday Scatterings

Oh my, it has been a strange week, busy with this and that, but I managed to catch up with a couple of challenges at least. I have to admit I love the creative writing challenges, it gets my mind and words flowing, and keeping the count down to 100 words is interesting. Some may have noticed, I’ve switched the WordPress weekly photo to this blog rather than the digital art blog. Sure, the photos are digital, but I’m not an artistic photographer, simply amateur, so I thought they might fit better here.

So, what have I been up to in the various blogs this week? Check it out:

in tuit, this blog, has three new posts! – some ramblings,  and entry for Cee’s fabulous “Share Your World” theme, and this weeks Photo Challenge – Remorse.

a round tuit has 2 new posts: Last weeks Weekly Photo Challenge – Ready and a new weekly I found called Sunday Post, the topic of which was Love.

write tuit  only two thus far this week, the weekly 100 Word Challenge, this week’s prompt being “It wasn’t my fault”  And the Friday Fictioneers 100 word challenge from a picture prompt, that I only managed to post today.

I haven’t gotten to the Saturday Centus – as usual I seem to get these things done late in the week, so I guess that will be for next week’s scatterings.  I also just realized I was calling the Saturday Centus, the Saturday Centaur – hmm, looks like I have some editing to do. I think in another life I must have been an editor of some kind because I love doing that kind of thing.

tuit dreams  a dream and a fragment – Preparing and Rooms

This next week may be slim pickings, as I have paperwork to do and taxes, and this and that. The thises and thats of the world, oh how cumbersome they can become when you let them pile up!

Til next time, and above all, Enjoy your week!

2 responses

  1. Ain’t that the truth…Cumbersome…
    Hope they don’t pile up…
    Bless You

  2. Looks like you are staying busy!! Thanks for the pingback!!!

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