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100 Word Challenge – it wasn’t my fault

Another 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. Click on the logo to go check them out. I’m running late this week, haven’t  had time to read yet, but hope to catch up.

you bought her whatThis week’s prompt: “it wasn’t my fault

My entry, 102 words with prompt.


Mom and dad were fighting again.  Tami’s heart sputtered in her chest as she walked to the  closed door. She pressed her ear against it, and felt the wood vibrate against her cheek in rhythm with the shouts.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Her mom’s voice. Strident. Pleading.  “There was too much traffic. I had to pick. up Tami from school and-”

Thwap! Tami’s head jerked away from the door at the sound of the first punch.

She slid to the floor and covered her ears with her hands. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

Over and over she whispered,

“It’s  my fault.”