Randomly Accessed Memories : RAM

I’ve decided to add this as a page and a topic on the right, to explain this section of the blog.

As explained in my post Randomly Accessed Memories, this project came to me while I was spending time without internet. For more details on how this started, read that first Introductory post.

But also keep in mind The Nature of Memory. What I remember now, is filtered through the perspective of time, but also through awareness that what I may have written in older journals was not always the deeper truth. Some memories will have older journal entries that either back them up or contrast with them. Which is the truth? Both, I think.

The purpose in writing about these Randomly Accessed Memories is to explore the memories as they come to me and see where they take me. Little bits of me, from early on to present, but not in any particular order. Memory is never stagnant, and rarely follows any kind of sequential order. Instead, memories tend to pop in and out, often stimulated by the oddest things – a sound, a smell, a comment made by a friend.

These memories will be scattered, out of order, and that is as they should be. I’m not writing my Memoirs here, just sharing them as they come to me.

They will be tagged under Topics as RAM, so anyone interested can simply click on that Topic and they will be presented without all the other posts. The RAM in the title will also allow those who prefer, to skip over these more personal posts.

So that’s it, if you are interested look for the RAM. If not, just skip them. 🙂





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