100 Word Challenge Week 166


A new challenge for Week 166 of the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups, or 100wcgu, as it is fondly known. This week’s prompt is:  … checking in proved to be… which of course can go as many directions as one can imagine. Several popped into my head, some based on experience, but I decided to go full fiction with this one.  Always fun to do. Remember, if you want to participate, or just see more, click on the link above for this week. Enjoy!


Room With a View   (100 words)

“I asked for a room with a view.” Todd’s voice had an edge to it I had never heard before. He looked like he was about to strangle the poor receptionist.

“I’m sorry, the booking must have gotten mixed up.” She smiled apologetically.

Todd leaned into her smile and blasted her. “No excuses! You get us that room now!”

I tugged his sleeve. “Honey, please, it’s okay.”

He turned angry, stranger’s eyes toward me, spitting words “It’s not okay!”

I wondered, if checking in proved to be such a nightmare, what was the rest of the marriage going to be?



6 responses

  1. I feel for her, lets hope his mood improves and that it’s not the norm.

    1. Something tells me his mood might not improve. I’m sometimes mean to my characters, putting them in situations that are not easy to get out of! 😉

  2. Oh dear, prelude to a new life. Poor young bride. This one is loaded with information between the line. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Tess. Lol, when you only have 100 words, you need something between the lines or it won’t get said. 😉 Thanks for the visit and comment!

      1. I know. This is interesting work. Yes?

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