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100 WCGU: Girl Talk

Okay, I’m feeling a bit very rusty with the writing. Not sure what’s going on, maybe it’s the Autumn air, but I had the urge to write, so here is a little sample. Julia’s Place is hosting the 62nd week of the 100 Word Challenge for Grown Ups, or WCGU for short.

it can't be that time

This week’s prompt:  it can’t be that time

Click HERE to see the other entries.


Girl Talk    99 Words


“Come on, Shella, you remember Trevor. Tall, slim, shaggy brown hair.”

Shella laughed.  “Tag, you live and breathe tall, slim, and shaggy. How am I supposed to remember one specific guy? At least give me a hint.”

“Okay, Aspen. The ski slope.”

Shella’s eyes and mouth rounded in perfect synchronization. “It can’t be that time you-“

“Yes!” Tag squealed.

“Oh my god, how did he react when he saw you, what did he say?  And what did you say? After what happened he must have –“

“I know, I thought so too, but guess what?”


“It happened again.”



Writing Challenge: Plots

Chris Donner has decided to open up a writing challenge, but not just any kind of challenge, this is an exercise to get us thinking about… Plots. As Chris wrote, “Here’s a little exercise for you… I’ll give you a topic and you write as many plot ideas as you can come up with.” Now that sounds really fun to me, so I am jumping in here. If you think you might enjoy trying it out, go see her post HERE. Go ahead, give it a try, and leave a comment at her place so we can see what you came up with.

The Prompt for a plot:  Pat always knew this day would come

My plot ideas:

1) Pat has found out her husband is cheating on her and has to make a difficult decision – difficult because she has young children and no experience in the job force.  Emotionally she’s prepared, because she knew something was up when he gave her the diamond earrings for Christmas. But, what about the children?? She will find herself on a journey of self discovery and eventually realize that her husband’s cheating was the best thing that could have happened to her.

2) Pat is a man with a problem. He’s been embezzling money, and replacing it later, for several years now. He knew he was living on the edge, and he really didn’t have to do it, (because he is financially independent) but the risk of it made him feel alive. Now there is an audit coming, something he was more or less prepared for – but he wasn’t prepared for the beautiful auditor who came into his life. Will he learn to lead the straight life? Or is there more to this woman than he realizes?

3) Pat is a forty-something divorced mother of twins who have gone away for college, and suddenly she finds herself at loose ends. She decides to get a job – but not just any job. She wants to join the circus as a magician.

4)  Pat is a young man who has been moved from foster home to foster home, then thrown out of the system at age 18. In spite of that, he has managed to find jobs here and there, and is doing okay – but it has been hard and he feels resentful. He decides he wants to find his real parents, let them know what they’ve done. Bitter and angry, he does his own sleuthing for awhile, but gets nowhere against the system. He can’t afford a detective, so he does the next best thing. He sees an announcement in the papers about a PI looking for an assistant, and applies for the job. Neither he nor the PI realize they are father and son, and Pat pours out his anger to this new employer who has become his friend.

5) Pat had gotten top scores at the Police academy. But now the time has come for her to be a rookie cop in a male dominated world. She needs them to accept her as one of their own, but finds herself hazed at every turn, even more so than the other rookies, who are male. Then a serial killer hits town and all bets are off. Every “man” is needed if they are to keep the killer from striking a fourth time. Whats more, Pat fits the profile of his victims…

Okay, that’s all I have for the moment, actually I’m out of time, maybe I’ll add more tomorrow, maybe not.

It was fun, Chris, thanks for this!

100 Word Challenge: Red Box

This weeks 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups hosted at Julia’s Place, is a topical prompt, where you can but don’t have to use the words of the prompt. Be sure to go by and see what others have made of this week’s prompt. I openly admit that my idea is not a new one, but i had fun with it nonetheless.

you bought her what

The Prompt: ...the red box

My entry: Wish Fulfillment, 101 words.


“And behind curtain three is… The Red Box!”

The audience roared.

Sandra, the lucky contestant, jumped up and down, screeching in joy. MC walked her over to the large red box, center stage.

“It’s your choice, Sandra.” he said. “Keep the eight million dollars you’ve won, or trade it all for your Ultimate Wish.”

“My wish!” she squealed. The audience cheered.

“I wish my husband back to life!”

Hushed silence.

The box fell open. Sandra’s husband stood there, alive!  Bits of decomposing flesh dangled from his face with its wide lipless grin.

Sandra screamed. The audience went wild.

Another wish fulfilled.


Flash Friday: Brothers

I’m posting this a bit early as I have to be out this afternoon, but will link to Madison’s page when I can. Meanwhile you can check out the rules for Friday Fictioneers . To read what others have done with this weeks prompt, go HERE.

I would like to quote this, which is on this week’s Prompt Page : 100-words isn’t a *rule* and some of us write more than that. My goal is to have The Friday Fictioneers use 100-word stories as an exercise in choosing concise phrases and strong verbs. It’s an excellent way to show your stuff to the world without exposing too much. It’s okay if you use more words, but if it’s much more let us know in the comments so we’ll know how to allocate our time if we’re trying to read all the posts.

I added that caveat, because this week, no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t whittle my tale down to 100 words – this is the first time it has happened, but there was simply nothing I could omit. I even feel I omitted some of the “flavor” by cutting it down so much, but hey, that’s the rules, and I like to follow as closely as possible. Anyway, here is this week’s

Picture Prompt

And here is my tale:

“Brothers”  118 words (eeps!)


Johnny peeked through the small hole between the rocks – what was his brother Mike doing there with those guys?

As he watched, one of the guys handed Mike some money. Mike slipped something into his hand, then ran off.

The guys walked by where Johnny was hiding, One of them said “I can’t believe you finally got him to sell you that card.”

That card? Mikes special limited series baseball card?

Johnny sat for a long time, getting madder and madder. Mike shouldn’t have caved. Johnny was gonna tell him what for!  He rushed home and into Mikes room.

“Happy Birthday!”, Mike said, handing Johnny a new baseball glove. “Now I can teach you to play catch.”


critique is welcome – if anyone has ideas how to make it shorter, or what might be missing, I’m open to hearing it.

100 Word Challenge – Leap

Okay, I kind of forgot part f the prompt when I wrote this, When Julia posted this weeks 100 Word Challenge, she mentioned Leap Year, and then said the Topic theme is a Leap of Faith. Well, it’s been a rather hectic week for me and as I was thinking about the prompt,  all I remembered was the Leap Year part. Since it’s not required to use the exact phrase, I figured maybe I can get away with it. 😉 Besides, the little tale I tell does involve a kind of leap of faith – isn’t that what most marriages are? you bought her what

Topic: Leap of Faith.

And so she leapt… 104 words


They were married on February 29. He gave her diamond earrings, and whispered in her ear, “Every anniversary will be diamonds.”

She laughed and said, “Lucky for you it’s only on Leap Years.”

On their first anniversary he gave her a diamond pendant. On their second, a ring with 3 diamonds, one for each child.

On their third anniversary he gave her an empty jewelry box. “For the diamonds,” he said. “With 4 kids we just can’t afford any more.”

On their fourth anniversary he bought a diamond bracelet  for his mistress.

On their fifth anniversary she bought herself diamonds with the settlement money.


Flash Friday: Green

It’s time for Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers to submit this week’s entry. If you’ve never participated, check out the link for the rules. Basically, each Wednesday we get a photo prompt that is intended to inspire us to write 100 words. On Friday Madison posts her own creative input, and we are invited to post links to our creative efforts in the Comments section. You can find this week’s offerings HERE.

This week’s photo:

My entry: Green – 100 words


Karen swept the bone fragments off to the side, making room for a fire near the entrance of the cave. It would be chilly tonight. Mark was collecting wood. There was plenty of that around, dead trees with brittle branches, dry and fast to flame.

Their daughter Mira sat looking through a book. There had been a library at the last town they’d passed through. They had stayed a week, searching the town, hoping to find survivors…

“Mama, what’s green?” Mira asked.

Karen looked out at the grey and brown desolation. “Maybe someday we’ll be able to show you, honey.”


100 Word Challenge – Flip Side

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups, –  100WCGU – for short, is a bit different this week. Rather than an exact phrase, it’s a topic. And the topic is “the flip side”, but the exact words do not have to be used, we just have to think in terms of flipping and see what happens. Click on the emblem below to go see what others are doing with this at Julia’s Place. And Julia, thanks again for hosting this! My entry this week isn’t that original, but once the idea hit, I couldn’t find a different one. (Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.) Still, I hope you enjoy. I felt it was time for a light touch.

you bought her whatthe flip side

A Big Decision – 100 words


“Maybe we should just flip a coin.”

“What, are you crazy? This is important.

“I know, but we’ve been arguing for days now, and neither one of us is going to budge. I just want it decided.”

“Yes, but I’m the one who will be taking care of –”

“–that’s not fair,  and you know it. We’re in this together. At least flipping a coin will give us equal odds.”

“Well…  okay. But I get heads. Just… oh, go ahead, flip it already.”



“Heads! I won!”

“Dammit.  Okay, you won fair and square. We’ll get a cat.”


Flash Friday: Soup du Jour

Time for Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers challenge, where each week she posts a photo prompt, to which we are to respond with 100 words. If you want to see her own short tale and the responses of others, click This Week’s Friday Fictioneer and it will take you to the page. The comments section will have links to others creative efforts.

This week’s prompt is the following picture:

My entry – 100 words –

“Soup du jour”

George plopped down at the table and started spooning soup into his mouth, slopping a bit out of the bowl, careless of the drips that fell on the tablecloth.

Maude watched him in resignation. Marry in haste, repent at leisure.  She had been repenting for years now. Too many years.

“Soup’s good.” George grunted between spoonfuls. “What’s in it?”

“Hand-picked mushrooms fresh from the forest.”

George glanced at her and frowned. “You were careful?”

“Of course, I took the book. I know exactly what kind of mushrooms are in your soup.”

George grunted and finished his bowl.

Maude smiled.


100 Word Challenge – it wasn’t my fault

Another 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. Click on the logo to go check them out. I’m running late this week, haven’t  had time to read yet, but hope to catch up.

you bought her whatThis week’s prompt: “it wasn’t my fault

My entry, 102 words with prompt.


Mom and dad were fighting again.  Tami’s heart sputtered in her chest as she walked to the  closed door. She pressed her ear against it, and felt the wood vibrate against her cheek in rhythm with the shouts.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Her mom’s voice. Strident. Pleading.  “There was too much traffic. I had to pick. up Tami from school and-”

Thwap! Tami’s head jerked away from the door at the sound of the first punch.

She slid to the floor and covered her ears with her hands. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

Over and over she whispered,

“It’s  my fault.”


Saturday Centus – 2 peas in a pod!

Another 100 word challenge, I love these! This one is hosted on blogspot, and I know there are sometimes difficulties cross posting comments, but I thought I’d give it a try anyway, and we’ll see what happens. If you want to participate, go to Jenny Matlock’s blog and check it out – just click on the image:

The prompt is “two peas in a pod

Allowed, 100 words, plus the 5 from the prompt.

My entry, 105 words.


Emily and Erin were identical twins. Emily liked being a twin. Erin wasn’t so sure. Today was their fifth birthday, and they both got the same dolly. Emily loved it. Erin didn’t.

And just like every birthday, gramma said, “You are two peas in a pod.”

Enough. Erin had to know. “What’s a pod?”

“Oh it’s just an expression.” Gramma said. She stood and took the cake plates to the kitchen..

Erin asked Emily, “What’s a ‘spreshun”.

Emily shrugged and kept playing with her new dolly.

Erin pouted. Emily might not care, but Erin didn’t like not knowing things.

And she was Not a pee!


It was fun to do, thank you Jenny!