Saturday Centus: Living the Dream

I missed the Centus last week, but hope to make up for it this week. Jenny Matlock has given us another great prompt to play with. You really should visit her site, it’s worth the trip. If you just want to check up on this weeks entries to Saturday Centus, click right HERE.

The rules change each week, which is part of the fun. This week, we are given a prompt, to be included in the body of the text, and we have 100 words, exactly 100 words, no more, no less, in which to write our tale. We must include the prompt within that word count. Interesting, yes? Jenny loves to challenge us. I had a little fun with this week, tried to keep it PG, hope I didn’t step beyond, it’s hard to tell these days…

This week’s Prompt:

I’m living the dream, man

Living the Dream (exactly 100 words)


“I’m living the dream, man.”  Paul took a drag from the reefer and passed it to Gary.

“So you say.” Gary took a long hit. He was getting tired of Paul’s broken record. Living the dream, far out, big effing deal.

Paul droned on, “Yeah man, I mean lookit this, a cool pad, all the weed I wanna smoke, wide-screen tv, the latest vid games, a music system to die for. I mean I’m living the effing dream man, pinch me if I’m wrong.”

Gary pinched him.

Paul poofed out of sight.

Gary smiled. Now this was living the dream.


30 responses

  1. Pinching never works in my personal reality. The effing pains just never seem to disappear! ha!

    What a wonderful read!

    I liked where this went…loved the visualization here.

    1. Thank you Jenny, it was a fun one to do!

  2. Never a problem, Ross, visits are welcome anytime. Thanks for commenting. I agree the variety is fascinating!

  3. Sorry about the delay in my return visit to your entry. The week has been very busy.

    Gary’s life without Paul around would be a dream. I’ve met a person like Paul and could never have considered him as a flat mate. 🙂

    Your take on the prompt is an interesting one and very different to mine. The Centus and another similar project, but for children, fascinate me by the variety of story lines from the same prompt.

  4. annaandersson | Reply

    That is so funny! So clever! This was so unexpected too! Wow!

    Thank you for visitng my post about post Robert lying in a hospital bed reading a letter about someone else’s living dream.

    What fun! Have a good week and weekend. Maybe I’ll read something new by you on Saturday or Sunday. (I am behind inm,y comments; working on income tax!)

    Best wishes,

    1. Income taxes, ugh! Ours were due last month. Thanks for the visit and feel free to drop by anytime. 🙂

  5. Oh very cool, I’m living the dream just reading this…too funny, love the way you went! Thanks for stopping by my post and letting me know you had posted! I’ve got a lot of pinching to go do! ha ha!

    1. Haha, pinch away. Glad you enjoyed it, and thanks for stopping by. 🙂

  6. gailatthefarm | Reply

    I love it!!!
    I saw no place to follow but will try and find you again. I love the writing prompts, may have to look for more.
    Thanks for stopping by to visit me.

    1. Gail, it may not show up, but there is a follow button on the right at the bottom of the row. Thanks for coming by

  7. I’m laughing. It’s pretty effing funny that we were in sync with this prompt. I love your word choice too (drag, reefer, poofed, etc.). Thanks for stopping by so I could readily do the same.

    1. Yeah, far out, man! ;D Of course, back in the time no one said effing, the ef word was way too commonplace! Thanks for the visit, and I did love yours, in poetry form.

  8. Oh, shoot, I had commented on this before, it looks like Word Press ate my post.

    I’ve actually know a few (too many ?) people that are really like this in real life, lol.

    That was very creative, almost like a 100 word Twilight Zone, I love it!

    1. Hmm, I checked my spam and didn’t find it there, just a mystery I guess. Anyway, thank you for coming by, and hey, I grew up on Twilight Zone, guess some of it rubbed off, lol!

  9. Haha! 🙂 Wonderful, Judee! I’m going to try this REAL SOON.
    Thank you for finding me. I ran late too. Been afraid of being pinched. But that was because of my hangover from St. Patrick’s Day celebrating.

      1. Thanks, Jim, I remember yours, enjoyed it. (It may have shown me signed in for blogspot, I have an account there for when it won’t let me comment otherwise) Hope your hangover is better!!

  10. Loved it! That was great! There’s a few people I’d like for that to work on. . .

    1. Ha, some people just need to be pinched! Thanks for the visit, Honey.

  11. Loved that surprise ending! My centus is scheduled to post Monday morning.

    1. Thank you! I went to see yours but couldn’t fine a place to comment – it was a fun cute poem!

  12. Very clever ending! Well done.

    1. Thank you Irene. 🙂

  13. ditto to Sue’s comment! Nicely done!!

    1. Thank you Anita. 🙂

  14. I’d like to pinch a few people myself…


    1. Wouldn’t we all? 😉 Thanks for stopping in, Susan.

  15. Hahaha! This is VERY clever! Don’t you wish that all it took to rid ourselves of the morons was a simple pinch????

    1. Ha yes, that would be ideal. Of course, I’ve just learned to tune them out, works just as well. 😉 Thanks for dropping by, Judie.

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