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Share Your World 19, 20, 21

I’ve missed some weeks of Share Your World, so I’m hoping to catch up with a few.


So here are my answers for week 21:

If you were having difficulty on an important test and could safely cheat by looking at someone else’s paper, would you do so? Nope, not even tempted. I don’t understand how people can feel good about claiming something as their own work when it isn’t.

Since adolescence, in what three-year period do you feel you experienced the most personal growth and change?
As a mom, I’m tempted to say the three years after the birth of my first child, but while that was certainly a period of change and growth, it still doesn’t compare to the changes and growth that took place in me after my divorce. Learning that I could be self sufficient took at least those three years, and i’m still learning, but it has been a wonderful process of personal growth for me.

If you could change one thing about your home, what would you like to change?  No More Stairs! I live in a condominium style home that has three floors, and the stairs are becoming very difficult for me. OUr house is for sale actually and I hope to find a cozy apartment on one floor.

If you were given a yacht today, what would you name it?   Merrilly’s Dream.  (pun intended for those that get it)


On to Week 20 (I know, I’m going backwards, it’s how I do things, lol):

How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are? That’s a hard one. Physically, most of the time I feel about 80, though that’s not really fair because when my mom was alive and well at age 85 she still had a lot more energy than I do. Emotionally? Actually, I feel pretty mature, so I think I am pretty much at home with my age, 60. I know I’m supposed to say I feel young at heart and all that, but do I really? No. My heart is where it is, settled in after 60 years of living, and still enjoying being alive. So even if I didn’t know my age, I’d still guess myself to be on the upper end of the scale.

What is the kindest thing anyone has done for you?  When I was 15 and diagnosed with Hodgkin’s my parents told me the truth. I think that was not only the kindest thing they could do, but the bravest. Never underestimate your children and what they are capable of understanding.

What was your favorite childhood television program? Leave it to Beaver. We watched the originals in black and white, no color tv back then. I wanted to say Star Trek, but I think we weren’t allowed to watch it when I was little, but I caught the reruns when I was older.

Which cooking utensil (other than the usual pots and pans etc) would you miss the most? Cooking utensil? What’s that?


And back again, to Week 19:

Do you believe in ghosts?  I guess it depends on the definition. Actual ghosts, dunno, but energy left behind, that can be felt by some people, yes, I think that’s possible. We all leave our imprint to a degree, and some of that energy can be left behind. I know I’ve had a few experiences that are not so easily explained, so I’m open to at least the idea. And I like to think I’ve had dream visitations on occasion.

What is your best recipe?  The perfect boiled egg. Put eggs in a pan, cover them with water, add a splash of vinegar, and set the heat to medium high. As soon as the water starts to boil (you do need to watch for it) turn off the fire (remove the pan from the heat with electric stoves) then put the lid on and let it set in the hot water for 18 minutes. After that, run them in cold water  for a moment and remove them and let them cool. Perfect cooked eggs every time. You may have to adjust the 18 minutes depending on the size of the eggs. And that is the only recipe I know…

What is your most favorite smell/scent?  Cinnamon.

What subject was your favorite in all of your schooling? Why?  A Creative Writing class I took at University, because it didn’t so much teach as inspire. There were a few basics included, but the emphasis was on creativity and I loved that.


That’s a lot of questions answered and shared. If you’ve stuck around long enough to read all of that, thank you for your patience! If not, that’s okay, too. Thank you Cee, for this and the others – I hope to catch up on reading some of them soon!


Flash Fiction Faction – Evidence

Quill Shiv has started a Flash Fiction Faction challenge that allows for slightly longer posts, etc. so I thought I’d try it out. Click on the link to see what she and others are doing this week.

The Prompt:

I didn’t go the extra mile, but I did use 8 of the words in this little tale. Hope you enjoy it.

Evidence  347 words

Mike pinched the tweezers carefully.  The strand of hair was almost invisible against the dark wool of the sweater. He tugged gently, finally pulling it free, and held it up like a prize.

His assistant clapped her hands, almost jumping with joy. Not the most professional behavior, but it could be excused. Carol was young, and new to all this.

“Is the root connected?” she asked.

“Yes,” he said, “the hair follicles are perfectly intact. We’ll have all the DNA evidence we need, assuming  this is from the killer.”

“Well, that’s up to the DA to decide, isn’t it? I’m sure he’ll be overjoyed with this new evidence.”

Mike just nodded, not wanting to get into a discussion of circumstantial versus hard evidence. She had a lot to learn, and he didn’t feel like being the one to teach her. She had been assigned to him after that last fiasco when the board threatened to fire him for manufacturing evidence. The presumption of innocence had never even entered their minds. They’d had no hard evidence, but the distrust was there just the same. They kept him on, but assigned him this “babysitter” young enough to be his daughter.

“The owner of this hair could be innocent,” he said carefully. “Or not.  It’s not our place to judge. We collect evidence and give it to the lab to analyze. End of story. Speaking of which, you need to get this hair to the lab, pronto. And don’t let it out of your sight, we have to preserve the chain of evidence.”

She hesitated. “Maybe I should wait. After all, there might be more evidence to harvest. And I really do want to learn from you.”

Mike rubbed his temples against an oncoming headache. Her behavior pretty much confirmed it, she was assigned to him not as an assistant, but to watch him.

“Fine.” he said, forcing a pleasant smile. This was not the time to raise suspicion. It had been a real trick to get that hair in place without her noticing. It would have to be enough.

Saturday Centus: Fives

Oh my, this week Jenny is getting tough. She does that sometimes. Our prompt for the Saturday Centus is not words, but instructions. The instructions are to write a story in fives. Five sentences of Five words each: 5×5 = 25 words! Oh Jenny, that is harsh. So I will now try to soften you up with my 5×5-er. 😉 (Okay, so it’s a little tongue in cheek, but who can get serious with 25 words?)

This week’s Prompt

Good Things Come in Fives


Ms. Jenny is a teacher.

She teaches us to write.

Once I wrote too loosely.

Now I write real tight.

Did I get this right?


100 Word Challenge – Leap

Okay, I kind of forgot part f the prompt when I wrote this, When Julia posted this weeks 100 Word Challenge, she mentioned Leap Year, and then said the Topic theme is a Leap of Faith. Well, it’s been a rather hectic week for me and as I was thinking about the prompt,  all I remembered was the Leap Year part. Since it’s not required to use the exact phrase, I figured maybe I can get away with it. 😉 Besides, the little tale I tell does involve a kind of leap of faith – isn’t that what most marriages are? you bought her what

Topic: Leap of Faith.

And so she leapt… 104 words


They were married on February 29. He gave her diamond earrings, and whispered in her ear, “Every anniversary will be diamonds.”

She laughed and said, “Lucky for you it’s only on Leap Years.”

On their first anniversary he gave her a diamond pendant. On their second, a ring with 3 diamonds, one for each child.

On their third anniversary he gave her an empty jewelry box. “For the diamonds,” he said. “With 4 kids we just can’t afford any more.”

On their fourth anniversary he bought a diamond bracelet  for his mistress.

On their fifth anniversary she bought herself diamonds with the settlement money.


Flash Friday: Green

It’s time for Madison Woods’ Friday Fictioneers to submit this week’s entry. If you’ve never participated, check out the link for the rules. Basically, each Wednesday we get a photo prompt that is intended to inspire us to write 100 words. On Friday Madison posts her own creative input, and we are invited to post links to our creative efforts in the Comments section. You can find this week’s offerings HERE.

This week’s photo:

My entry: Green – 100 words


Karen swept the bone fragments off to the side, making room for a fire near the entrance of the cave. It would be chilly tonight. Mark was collecting wood. There was plenty of that around, dead trees with brittle branches, dry and fast to flame.

Their daughter Mira sat looking through a book. There had been a library at the last town they’d passed through. They had stayed a week, searching the town, hoping to find survivors…

“Mama, what’s green?” Mira asked.

Karen looked out at the grey and brown desolation. “Maybe someday we’ll be able to show you, honey.”


100 Word Challenge – Flip Side

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups, –  100WCGU – for short, is a bit different this week. Rather than an exact phrase, it’s a topic. And the topic is “the flip side”, but the exact words do not have to be used, we just have to think in terms of flipping and see what happens. Click on the emblem below to go see what others are doing with this at Julia’s Place. And Julia, thanks again for hosting this! My entry this week isn’t that original, but once the idea hit, I couldn’t find a different one. (Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.) Still, I hope you enjoy. I felt it was time for a light touch.

you bought her whatthe flip side

A Big Decision – 100 words


“Maybe we should just flip a coin.”

“What, are you crazy? This is important.

“I know, but we’ve been arguing for days now, and neither one of us is going to budge. I just want it decided.”

“Yes, but I’m the one who will be taking care of –”

“–that’s not fair,  and you know it. We’re in this together. At least flipping a coin will give us equal odds.”

“Well…  okay. But I get heads. Just… oh, go ahead, flip it already.”



“Heads! I won!”

“Dammit.  Okay, you won fair and square. We’ll get a cat.”


Flash, dash, my mind’s a mash

Oh dear, here I am all blogs ready and waiting and my mind is a mishy mushy mash of glop, glooping down an otherwise empty corridor of closed doors.

I barely managed the Photo of the week. The prompt for the 100 Word Challenge has been out for days, and though I love the prompt itself, my mind won’t go there. The picture prompt for Flash Friday Fictioneers was just posted and again, my mind won’t go there. The doors remain shut, not a single one of them is even slightly cracked open in invitation. Oh wait, didn’t I have a dream last night? If only I could remember…

I think part of the problem is, I’ve been so concentrated on creating these blogs, finding the right layouts, getting started on each of them, and then going out and reading others blogs, commenting, enjoying, etc., that I’ve left a number of necessary tasks aside, and now they are weighing on my mind like a sinus headache without the pain, just that sense of heaviness and pressure.

Right now I am looking at a stack of envelopes that I set in plain view so I would attend to them. Official stuff, having to do with forms to be filled out, papers to find and copy to send, more forms, more papers, and that’s not even counting the income tax forms that also need doing. (Our due date here is March 15th, not April 15th as in the US.)

Okay, well, I do have a good excuse for why I haven’t started on those piles of paperwork – I’m waiting on yet another pair of glasses, my third pair, which will be for reading and paperwork. That will make three pairs of glasses to juggle, but at least I’ll be able to see clearly. Progressive lenses, you say? Been there, done that, can’t use them, my head tilts too easily, and I have trouble finding the right point of focus, but that’s another story in itself.

Anyway, here I am just rambling. I do that. This blog, in tuit, is not a blog for carefully crafted writing or journalistically beautiful prose on the meaning of life. If that’s what you’re looking for, well, sorry.

Does it mean I don’t have insights about life? Of course not. It’s just that my insights usually come from out of nowhere, I can’t construct them ahead of time, they just have to happen when they happen. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of rambling to get through, because that is what I do when I start writing “just me”. I ramble.

Oh, I can clean it up with the best of them for 100 word challenges or any similar writing exercise, but this isn’t an exercise, it’s my life. And my life is rambling, always has been, always will be. After all, isn’t that the best way to live in the moment? To let the moment take you where it will and experience it first hand without trying to guide your thoughts or control your words.

Go with the flow.

I feel better now. Thanks for reading – if you got this far. 😉

Friday Fictioneers Feb. 03, 2012

It’s Flash Friday, time for the Friday Fictioneers challenge, at Madison Woods blog.  It’s short fiction of  100 words, created in your imagination with the aid of a picture prompt (or not). If you want to join in sometime, here is the link to Madison Woods Friday Fictioneers instruction page. To see hers and the other entries, go HERE to this weeks entries.

The picture prompt:

My entry,  99 words :


Your soul shines forth as you stand in the doorway, intense flares of illumination reaching into this dimly lit room, like the last bright gasp of the sun before it sinks behind the horizon.

Is it time? The brightness in your eyes tells me it is so. The radiance spilling from you comforts me, assures me there is nothing to fear. A sweet smile of parting touches your lips, and you nod to me, as if to say, “all is well.” The door closes, leaving me alone; knowing, and at peace.

I wake, and wait for the phone call.


Thank you for reading.

100 word challenge – Wednesday

you bought her what

My second 100 word Challenge, hosted at Julia’s Place. This is week 29 for those who have been following, and if you want to participate, just follow this link:

100 word challenge week 29

This week’s prompt – one word: Wednesday  Here is my entry:


“Wednesday, what’s with Wednesday,” she muttered under her breath as she picked through the pile of lists on her desk.

“I know there was something. Surely I wrote it down.” She glanced at and tossed several more scraps of paper. So many reminders of things to do. Go to the bank, buy groceries, fix the doorbell. Doorbell? That was last year! How old were some of these?

Old. The word bit into her. No she was not old, she just… forgot.

A lot.

That’s why she had to write things down.

write…  write….. oh!  The 100 word challenge… Wednesday.



100 words challenge – you bought her what

My first post in this blog is in response to the “100 Word Challenge for Grownups” week 28, found here at Julia’s place:


you bought her what

The challenge is to take a prompt, and use it creatively within 100 words. The 100 words are in addition to the prompt, so if the prompt is 4 words, one can write up to 104 words for the challenge.  The prompt for this one: …you bought her what…  My entry is 104 words total, and believe me, it wasn’t easy to get it down to that. This is the kind of challenge I love!


…you bought her what…

“You  bought   her   what?”  The words shot out like bullets, each one precisely aimed and hitting the target.

John hated it when Lynn spoke in bullets.  It smashed his joy.

“It’s her sixteenth birthday. It’s special.  I bought her a car.”

“Take it back.” More bullets.

“Give me one good reason.”

The bullets bled down into pleading  pain. “You know why”

“Lynn,” John gathered her into his arms. He felt the tension leave her body as tears wet his shoulder. “That was years ago. No seatbelts or airbags. This isn’t the same.”

Wetness grew. Barely a whisper now, “Please, take it back.”

He did.


104 words 🙂 Thanks for reading,