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Home Sale Roller-coaster

People have been telling me about how hard it is to sell a house in the US, and I have been telling them it’s different in Switzerland. Well, it is different all right, but that doesn’t make it any easier to sell.

There is an extreme shortage of housing in the part of Switzerland where I live.  You would think that a housing shortage would be advantageous to selling. Well, it should, but it was becoming too advantageous and the banks got scared so they hunkered down on the amount they will loan on a house, and now people need more cash down payment than before. Those who would have been able to buy a house at the price I’m selling a year ago, now have to come up with more money, and many at that economic level just don’t have the savings available.
So, yeah, the Realtors all tell me the price is right, but the banks don’t agree, so the potential buyers are offering low and sticking to it.

I came close to a sale, really close. I thought it was done.

A certain couple really wanted to buy this house. Let’s use an analogy of letters instead of numbers, ZZZ being the ideal price for the house, and lower letters being lower offers.

So, this particular couple had an architect come to evaluate costs of redoing the kitchen, the bathrooms, etc – all personal choice. The kitchen is not only fine, many people have commented on how much they liked it – but this couple felt they wanted a different style. They loved the layout of the home, just not the decor. So fine, I thought, they’re not deducting that from the sale price.

Wrong. They offered low, really low, like UUU. They wanted to end up with the same price after all their renovations. I refused, of course, and they eventually made two other offers and got offer to VVV. Still way too low, and I told the RealtorMiss this. Meanwhile other people, from other Realtors, were seeing the house. Some very interested, but couldn’t get the financing.

Over a period of about 6 weeks, RealtorMiss called me once a week, asking if I was willing to come down to VVV, or even counter offer something near it, like WWW. I said no. She told me they really really wanted the house. I said fine, let them make me a better offer.

So, around 10 days ago, she called me again and said, “They really want it and if you’ll accept an offer of WWW, they’re ready to take it to the notary and sign on the dotted line.” (She said all that in French, of course, not English, but that’s the translation.)   😉

I talked it over with a couple of other Realtors, and they said that with the banking situation as it is, WWW was a fair offer. They also felt I could get more, but it could take another 6 months to find someone. I talked it over with my daughters, and we all finally decided to go ahead and take the offer. Lower than we wanted, but at least we could move on.

The next day, I called and said, “Okay, I’ll sign for WWW.” She called me back and said, “Sorry, they won’t go above VVV.” Huh? What kind of game is this? I said no, of course. It had been an effort to accept the decided price, but to go even lower? I guess they thought that if they could whittle us down, that I’d be willing to go the extra bit to their price.

I never did like Roller-coasters anyway. I may not get that top price, but I’m not lowering it that low again.

Too bad for them. They’re not going to find a comparable house in this area for this price. Their loss.

And possibly my gain. The same day, someone told me about a new high-scale big-name International Private School that is currently under construction – within walking distance of my home! It will be opening next year in September. This is a school for the rich. Private, world-renowned, and very exclusive. So much so that the families with kids in this school would probably look at my home and laugh, too cheap. Most of them will be going for the Luxury Homes. But hey, there are employees, right? Teachers, administrators, etc. My home is just in the right price range for someone like that.

I told one of my Realtors who has International Sales and he is contacting the school to reach the committee that works to bring in the people who are moving here specifically for this school. So I am hoping that someone will be willing to buy my house. It may not be til next year in that case, and of course, if I get a good offer before that, I’ll take it, but this is the best chance of getting the price I want. So maybe it was a good thing that “the couple” tried too hard to bargain.

So I’d say things are looking up.


Sunday Scatterings: Not Lost

Okay, okay, I’ve been terribly absent the past couple of weeks. I did do some writing around one or two weeks ago? Gosh how much time has passed?

Since my last SS post, I have posted three times in here, just scroll down to see them, all about my Sleep Study, and then the Results, plus I caught up with Cee’s Share Your World, three in one!

I also managed a few creative writing exercises/ challenges since my last SS post. You can find them at write tuit. I’m trying to do what I can, not always the same challenge, but timing is the biggest element as to whether I get something done. So, I’ve managed one entry for the 100WCGU, Helping Hands.  For the Saturday Centus, I’ve managed two in the past few weeks, Texas Pleasure and Recipe Lost.  The most recent was for Friday Fictioneers, about Rainbow Fairies.

So, you ask, what have I been busy with? Well, for awhile there, I really thought we had a buyer for the house. So I kinda went crazy looking for an apartment to buy. I even visited one and set up appointments to visit three others. But then, after a week without word from the prospective buyers, who had come to see the house twice at rather inconvenient times, they decided against it.

Yes, I was really disappointed. Plus I had talked to the bank and they are concerned about my disability in terms of how much they will lend me to buy an apartment, so I have to talk to a financial counselor who knows the Disability laws here and can find a bank that will work for me. Not impossible, just more busy work and hunting. This weekend I’ve decided to just let it go and not worry about it.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention – I got my breathing apparatus, for my sleeping time. It’s fairly simple, and I got the least bothersome “mask” to use. It only covers my nose. I’m to try it out and see if it works okay. If I end up breathing through my mouth a lot I may have to change masks, but hopefully not as this one seems fairly comfortable.

I haven’t tried it yet. i picked it up on Saturday and didn’t have the courage to assemble it until today, so tonight will be my first try with it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, sorry I haven’t been visiting much. My mind has been on other things for awhile.

Be well, be happy, and above all, enjoy!


Re-inventing the past?

I read something recently where it was suggested that people who have problems based on their past history, simply re-invent the past. By that, the idea was to take a painful memory, and change it, replay it over and over in your head in a new happier version. Apparently, this will take the edge off the sting from the past and you will feel better in general.

Now, I admit it sounded like maybe it could work. And I imagine for people who have suffered abuse or other terrible events that are holding them back from progressing in life, perhaps it could be a good thing. But… re-inventing the past? Where does it stop? Do we tell out children, if you’re sad because Janie said something mean to you, just pretend she gave you a compliment and it will all go away?

I’m not so much challenging the idea as wondering what others think about it. Do you think it could be a useful tool for trauma victims? Would it even work in their case, when the triggering event is so firmly rooted in their memory?

What about the small stuff? Small, but persistent. Imagine that as a boy or girl of 16 you missed the Prom, and all your friends attended but you. And what if you found yourself 10 years later, still shy, still feeling bad about yourself, low self esteem, all because of that one event? So, someone tells you, hey, you can just re-invent the past. So you do. You daydream that you did go to the prom, with an old crush of yours, and you imagine it in all detail, and re-live it over and over in your imagination. And what if, doing that, you find yourself more open to others, feeling better about yourself?

Is that okay? I’m really questioning this, because I honestly don’t know.

Personally, I want to keep all of my memories just as they are. But I also realize that we humans, in general, already do some re-inventing, some of it conscious, some not.

I once wrote a story, supposedly fiction, about the one most painful experience I had ever encountered in my life. And I changed the ending – it was fiction, after all. I changed it to what I would have wanted it to be, instead of what it was. Still terribly painful, but with a resolution of sorts. I didn’t pretend to myself that it had actually happened that way, but writing that story was a catharsis for me. The old pain didn’t so much as lessen as it was my way of resolving an inner sorrow of how things had been handled by me. I know the truth of the past, but this re-invention helped me abundantly, without changing the past – but mainly because I knew it was fiction. I can’t even imagine trying to convince myself that things happened that way. The idea of doing so is almost like… blasphemy. I own that past, it is part of me, and if in retrospect I might have chosen to do it differently, I didn’t do so at the time. I need to remember the truth, to own it, because it is my moment, and it’s honest.

So… what about when we re-invent the past unconsciously?  Do you realize that memories can change with time? Sometimes it’s in little ways, other times it can be in big ways. We remember the events of our lives, some more clearly than others, because they are implanted into our brain cells – but the more we replay them, do they become more implanted? Or does our changing perspective sometimes change the memories, ever so slightly, so that you don’t really realize it – and the next time a little bit more, and so on.

Think of the whispering game where there are a line of people, one gets a message, then whispers it into the ear of the next one, and so on, so that at the end of the line, the message is often very different.

I’ve seen this happen. And I have proof that it does – well, not scientific proof, just my own experience. I’ve kept written journals since I was 15, often filled with details of events past. I don’t read them. I have occasionally skimmed them to find recorded dreams, but in general I am not one to go back and read my past – though I imagine it would be interesting one day.

However – on more than one occasion, something or other would trigger a memory, and take me back to a past moment – usually something long past, as in 20 or 30 years ago. I would daydream about it a bit, remembering what happened, mostly good memories. I’m sure it happens to you from time to time. Well, one day I decided to check up on a memory.

The memory itself doesn’t matter, just that it was pleasant and very clear, and I saw myself in a particular way, handling a situation with a certain amount of wisdom for my then young age. I decided to check it out, as I knew it was something I would have recorded in my journal. I knew the approximate timing of it and I found the entry in one of my notebooks. Imagine my surprise when I actually read it. Not only was I not as wise and adult as I remembered, but I had recorded a completely different perspective on the whole situation.The details were more or less the same, but the “me” I remembered was not.

So after that, I occasionally checked back on my memories. Some of them were exact, some not. There didn’t seem to be a specific element that I could spot as to why certain memories were different, and others not, nothing tieing them in together. All I know is that our memory does play tricks on us. We do, ourselves, in the most natural way, re-invent the past.

So, back to the original question – is it a good thing, a bad thing or simply one of those “each person’s choice” things, to want to consciously re-invent the past? If we do it already to a degree, why not do it as a kind of self therapy? I don’t have an answer, and I think it really is something that would have to be a personal choice. Still, something in me finds it worrisome, that we could so easily dismiss the lessons of our past. Because aren’t they just as much what make us who we are today as the easy times? Perhaps even moreso.

Personally, I wouldn’t change a moment. And I’ve had some painful ones, believe me – if you’re my age or near it, you will have too. No one gets through life unscathed, but I’m proud of  my scars, because they are part of what forged me. Part of who I am.

Thoughts, anyone?

Sunday Scatterings 03/04/12

Well, this has been a bit of a slow week for me, meaning that I had some offline stuff to take care of.. While I know i have no need to apologise, I still feel the need to mention that I am sorry when I miss certain challenges. I had set a kind of weekly goal to participate in certain challenges. Here are the posts for this week:

Sunday Post: Last week’s theme Landscape in a round tuit
Share Your World: this past week, SYW #12 in this blog, in tuit
100 Word challenge from Julia’s Place  Leap in write tuit
Friday Fictioneers Flash Fiction  Alas, I missed the deadline on this one.
Weekly Photo Challenge  Another miss – but I may get it done before next Friday
Saturday Centus  this week’s theme Goodbye  in write tuit
Dream Journal I added a Page, titled On Dreams
An Award a lovely gesture from Nia who offered me the Kreativ Blogger award, thank you Nia.

Now I find myself in a bit of a conundrum. In addition, to the weekly challenges, I have plans for other kinds of posts in the digital art blog, plans that I haven’t even started on because I seem to be spending all my time on the challenges. I feel like I’m neglecting the artist in me – though I admit I’ve always been more writer than artist, still, I want to express that part of me too, only, it’s not getting much expression. I also have plans for the other blogs, and while there is no hurry, I feel like I’m neglecting them too.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the challenges, all of them, but my energy level has been low for the past couple of weeks, and my mind isn’t as focused as I would like.Plus, I have a series of medical tests that I do every Spring, and a few in the Autumn, and during those periods I tend to find myself exhausted more often than not. So for the next couple of months it may be difficult to participate in all of the challenges. Because participation, for me, means not only doing it, but going to other blogs and reading their posts, too. I am probably not the only one who has discovered how time consuming that can be. It’s good time, and enjoyable, but time nonetheless.

What to do? I don’t want to stop participating, but at the same time, I want to be more expressive in an unscheduled way, too. I know a lot of you out there also participate in these challenges, so my question is, how do you do it? Where do you find the time? Any suggestions for me? I guess I could rotate, but that just doesn’t seem like an answer I want. I missed the deadline for this weeks Friday Fiction and it really made me feel bad, because I love creative writing and want to do it. I’ve also run across other challenges I would like to take part in, but just didn’t feel I could add yet another one.

Then again, that feels like rigid thinking. Maybe I should just stop trying to do it all each week, and go with the flow. It’s how I live my life, so why not let it be how I live my blog? Maybe that is the best solution, at least until all the appointment interruptions are done and I have my energy back. Oh wait, lol, I’m also putting the house on the market and hunting for an apartment to buy. Oh gosh I had forgotten about that. In fact, I need to find sme papers for tomorrow and I haven’t even started looking for them. Scattered Judee…

What on earth possessed me to start five different blogs at this time??? Ha! Gotta love my sense of timing – and yet, the timing is right, I feel it. This is what I need to be doing now, and so I am.

Just so you know – To those of you who host the blogs with challenges, if I don’t take part each week, it doesn’t mean I’ve abandoned your challenge or didn’t like the prompt for the week, it just means I am having to pace myself. For now.

Meanwhile, have a great week!


Sunday Scatterings

So what have I done this week? Well, I got my taxes done, we have a new way to file them by internet, yes really. Oh, but that’s not what this is about, right, my postings this week, okay…

This week in tuitland:

in tuit, this blog, I had four posts? Great! There was the Share Your World 11 post from last Sunday – another one coming this week, but not yet. I made a post about Silly Synchronicities and I received an Award, shared some abc’s about me and passed it on in Awardingly Alphabetical. Finally, a few pictures in this weeks Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge: Indulgence

a round tuit has nothing new this week. I haven’t yet gotten to Jakes Sunday Post, but will post that sometime this next week..

write tuit has three offerings this week.  Julia’s 100 Word Challenge Flip Side is about a big decision. Madison Woods’ Friday Fiction picture prompt inspired an unusual scene in Flash Friday: Green. And Jenny Matlock’s Saturday Centus was all about – a Chair!

tuit dreams  one dream this week,  Weather.  I also posted two earlier dreams, thus completing my January collection. Men In Black, and To Pee or Not to Pee.

That’s all for this week. Ten posts in one week, not too bad. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and keep on blogging!

— Judee

Awardingly Alphabetical

Last week, out of the blue, I got a message from Carol at adjustingyourfocus, telling me she had nominated my blog for the Awesome Blog Content award! I haven’t been around for very long, but it’s long enough to know that Carol is herself an Awesome blogger, and I’m honored that she thought of me. Go take a peek at Carol’s ABC award page and see what she had to say about herself. She gave some really awesome and well thought out responses in her journey through the alphabet, and is a tough post to follow, so I won’t even try, lol, I’ll just be me and participate in my own unique way – which is the whole point, after all. Thank you Carol for thinking of me, and the opportunity to share a few words. Bless you bunches!

For a little history, the ABC award was originally created by Alyson and David Sheldrake of The Thought Palette.  It’s a fun award, because part of its purpose is to get to know one another better, by using the alphabet to say something about ourselves. Words, phrases, paragraphs, whatever suits you. I wasn’t sure what I would come up with, so I just started by writing each letter and listening for a word, and more if it felt right. The answers are short, but each one does say something about me, my way of thinking, my feelings about life. So without further ado, here are my responses…


A is for Alive!

B is for Be still, and know…

C is for Candlelight images dancing in the mind.

D is for Dreams that do come true.

E is for Elsewhere, a special place within.

F is for Feelings, both bad and good.

G is for Giving without expectations.

H is for Healing old wounds.

I is for Intuition, the Inspiration of the mind.

J is for Judee, just judee, just me.

K is for Knowing beyond belief.

L is for Listening to my inner voice.

M is for Music to move the soul.

N is for Now.

O is for Owning who I am.

P is for Pi, an eternal mystery.

Q is for Questions, may there always be more to ask.

R is for Row, Row, Row, your boat, gently down the stream….

S is for Serendipity and sweet Synchronicity.

T is for Tuit, getting a round.

U is for Universe, too huge to Understand.

V is for Veracity, where truth finds itself.

W is for Wishes whispered into the wind.

X is for X-ray vision into the soul.

Y is for Yonder Star.

Z is for Zen.


There you have it, Judee in a nutshell. 🙂

Ah, but there is more to this award – the second part, and probably the easiest and hardest – paying it forward. I have met some astounding people in my short time on this blog, and could already make a long list of people to give this to. Choosing is difficult, but choose I must, so I will choose those who have had the most impact on getting me blogging, creating, writing.

If you are on this list, you may participate, or not. I know some of you may already have received this award, others may not have a place in your blog for such things, and for the rest, I look foreward to reading your personal alphabets with joy. This is just my way of saying thank you for the influence you have had on me in this short time.

In Alphabetical Order (of course)





Jenny Matlock




I’ll be getting in touch with each of you when I have a moment, to let you know. Again, participate or not as the spirit moves you, just know that each of you (and many more) have touched me in some special way.  Thank you, and bless you.


Sunday Scatterings 02/19/12

I think I may change my Sunday Scatterings to Saturday Scatterings next week – there are just too many different things I post on Sunday, makes it hard to keep up. But here we are with another week passed, and lemme see, have I done anything? Well, my taxes are still waiting on me, so if next weeks pickings are slim, we’ll know why.

I also feel like I’ve had a very lazy week, especially in terms of creativity. Guess I better go look see…

in tuit that’s this one, so you may have already seen, I did manage two posts this week. First off, I answered Cee’s questions for the weekly Share your World  and let’s not forget the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week the topic is Down. Cee has already posted the next weekly share, but it may take me a day or two to get tuit.

a round tuit   Well, I didn’t get any of the planned posts on digital art posted, bad me – but I did manage two posts, both on a Sunday, one last week and one this week. Thanks to jakesprinter for the inspiration, I’ve managed to create a couple of posts at least, Sunday Post – Expression and Sunday Post – Colorful. Yes, I actually got a post done on the same day of the theme, but I admit I had help because jake posted the prompt yesterday. 😉

write tuit  No 100Wcgu this week as the last one was for 2 weeks duration, but I did manage to write. We had another Friday Fictioneers picture prompt which inspired my Flash Friday – Alive post. I do love these challenges. I also have two posts for Saturday Centus, again I managed the second one this week, but only because it was a 6 word challenge instead of a 100 word challenge. Crafty Jenny. 😉 You still have plenty of time for this weeks challenge, and will find the link on my page. My two posts are here:  Saturday Centus – Firehouse Wedding  and Saturday Centus – Autobriefagraphical

Hey, unless I’m mis-counting, that’s 7 posts. Pretty good for a week.

I also got an award! Yep, little ole me – but you’ll have to check back to see what it’s about. (Hey, gotta keep you coming back one way or another, right?)

On a side note – Jenny’s Centus is hosted at Blogspot, and I am having problems posting comments there Sometimes (maybe 10% of the time) OpenID works, most of the time, not. WordPress sign in, the same thing, about 98% not working. So if you are a Blogspot blogger, know that I do read and appreciate all challenge posts, I just can’t always comment. In fact, i can’t even comment on Jenny’s own post, if it weren’t for the linky thing I wouldn’t be able to participate.

One thing that does work is if you leave the option to comment with Name/URL. Those usually do work. Some of them come with the “captcha” bot and while that is better than not being able to comment, I must say sometimes the words on there are very very difficult to read. If I may suggest, try without it and see, maybe you won’t get too much spam, but if you do feel you need it, keep it – just give us an alternative sign-in (like Name(URL) pretty please…

No dreams this week, so nothing added to that blog, and nothing yet on the Life Adapted blog – though I do have intentions for that one, it’s not something I like to focus on, and i need to be in a certain frame of mind to work on it, so any of you interested, please be patient. Though if you are interested, you probably learned patience already…

Have a great week everyone, and above all – Enjoy!

– Judee

Flash, dash, my mind’s a mash

Oh dear, here I am all blogs ready and waiting and my mind is a mishy mushy mash of glop, glooping down an otherwise empty corridor of closed doors.

I barely managed the Photo of the week. The prompt for the 100 Word Challenge has been out for days, and though I love the prompt itself, my mind won’t go there. The picture prompt for Flash Friday Fictioneers was just posted and again, my mind won’t go there. The doors remain shut, not a single one of them is even slightly cracked open in invitation. Oh wait, didn’t I have a dream last night? If only I could remember…

I think part of the problem is, I’ve been so concentrated on creating these blogs, finding the right layouts, getting started on each of them, and then going out and reading others blogs, commenting, enjoying, etc., that I’ve left a number of necessary tasks aside, and now they are weighing on my mind like a sinus headache without the pain, just that sense of heaviness and pressure.

Right now I am looking at a stack of envelopes that I set in plain view so I would attend to them. Official stuff, having to do with forms to be filled out, papers to find and copy to send, more forms, more papers, and that’s not even counting the income tax forms that also need doing. (Our due date here is March 15th, not April 15th as in the US.)

Okay, well, I do have a good excuse for why I haven’t started on those piles of paperwork – I’m waiting on yet another pair of glasses, my third pair, which will be for reading and paperwork. That will make three pairs of glasses to juggle, but at least I’ll be able to see clearly. Progressive lenses, you say? Been there, done that, can’t use them, my head tilts too easily, and I have trouble finding the right point of focus, but that’s another story in itself.

Anyway, here I am just rambling. I do that. This blog, in tuit, is not a blog for carefully crafted writing or journalistically beautiful prose on the meaning of life. If that’s what you’re looking for, well, sorry.

Does it mean I don’t have insights about life? Of course not. It’s just that my insights usually come from out of nowhere, I can’t construct them ahead of time, they just have to happen when they happen. Meanwhile, there’s a lot of rambling to get through, because that is what I do when I start writing “just me”. I ramble.

Oh, I can clean it up with the best of them for 100 word challenges or any similar writing exercise, but this isn’t an exercise, it’s my life. And my life is rambling, always has been, always will be. After all, isn’t that the best way to live in the moment? To let the moment take you where it will and experience it first hand without trying to guide your thoughts or control your words.

Go with the flow.

I feel better now. Thanks for reading – if you got this far. 😉


I am constantly organizing “stuff”. Lately it’s been more about virtual stuff than physical.  Can’t force the body to do what it can’t do. But I can still organize my computer and what I put on it.

My computer loves to fill up with files and pictures and artwork and programs and writing and e-books and audiobooks and so many things.  After awhile I get an urge to organize. Not that it isn’t organized, I keep things pretty much where I want them. But I like to re-organize, or find new things to organize.

I love getting a new computer to start fresh and clean, slowly adding what I want, where I want it. I keep everything backed up, of course, but how nice is it to open my audiobook program and find it empty, waiting for the first book to listen to. Sure, I may have to re-download it from the “cloud” but that’s okay.  Programs to install? Sure, but this time only the ones I’m going to use. Or so it goes.

In between computers, if too much time passes, I will do a full reformat, deleting everything and starting fresh. I wonder what that says about me?

When I discovered Word Press, it was inevitable that my love of organizing would take over. I couldn’t have just one blog, no, I had to have several – why? So I could organize them, of course, make each one unique. But in all that organizing, I forgot one important thing – I needed a blog to just sit back with, one I could just relax in, put up my feet, and be me.

So here it is, here I am. I’ve gotten my artistic side, my writer side, and my dream side covered. One more to take care of and the wheel will be complete.

This is the hub, the core, the blog behind the other blogs.

just judee

just me