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Twenty-Thirteen Ramblings: Resolve


I wonder how many blogs will be posting New Years Resolutions for 2013? A bunch, I bet. It’s tradition, after all. And because it’s tradition, it often becomes something done by rote, without any real thought. We make a list of things we want to do or accomplish, things we want to change about our life, our behavior. All with good intentions.

The problem with good intentions and with most resolutions is that they lack the fullness of resolve. No matter how sincere our intentions, our resolutions, without a sense of resolve they are just words on a list.

Have you made such a list? If so, how many of the resolutions on your list are based on wishing or hoping or simply good intentions for improvement, and how many actually have a sense of resolve attached to them?

Resolve goes beyond intent. Resolve gives a sense of purpose, of determination. You feel resolve deep within you.  If you read over your list of resolutions, and pay attention to what you feel in your body, you will find that most of them are felt in your head. Maybe a few in the heart.

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