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100 Word Challenge – Leap

Okay, I kind of forgot part f the prompt when I wrote this, When Julia posted this weeks 100 Word Challenge, she mentioned Leap Year, and then said the Topic theme is a Leap of Faith. Well, it’s been a rather hectic week for me and as I was thinking about the prompt,  all I remembered was the Leap Year part. Since it’s not required to use the exact phrase, I figured maybe I can get away with it. 😉 Besides, the little tale I tell does involve a kind of leap of faith – isn’t that what most marriages are? you bought her what

Topic: Leap of Faith.

And so she leapt… 104 words


They were married on February 29. He gave her diamond earrings, and whispered in her ear, “Every anniversary will be diamonds.”

She laughed and said, “Lucky for you it’s only on Leap Years.”

On their first anniversary he gave her a diamond pendant. On their second, a ring with 3 diamonds, one for each child.

On their third anniversary he gave her an empty jewelry box. “For the diamonds,” he said. “With 4 kids we just can’t afford any more.”

On their fourth anniversary he bought a diamond bracelet  for his mistress.

On their fifth anniversary she bought herself diamonds with the settlement money.



100 Word Challenge – Flip Side

This week’s 100 Word Challenge for Grown-ups, –  100WCGU – for short, is a bit different this week. Rather than an exact phrase, it’s a topic. And the topic is “the flip side”, but the exact words do not have to be used, we just have to think in terms of flipping and see what happens. Click on the emblem below to go see what others are doing with this at Julia’s Place. And Julia, thanks again for hosting this! My entry this week isn’t that original, but once the idea hit, I couldn’t find a different one. (Yeah, yeah, excuses, excuses.) Still, I hope you enjoy. I felt it was time for a light touch.

you bought her whatthe flip side

A Big Decision – 100 words


“Maybe we should just flip a coin.”

“What, are you crazy? This is important.

“I know, but we’ve been arguing for days now, and neither one of us is going to budge. I just want it decided.”

“Yes, but I’m the one who will be taking care of –”

“–that’s not fair,  and you know it. We’re in this together. At least flipping a coin will give us equal odds.”

“Well…  okay. But I get heads. Just… oh, go ahead, flip it already.”



“Heads! I won!”

“Dammit.  Okay, you won fair and square. We’ll get a cat.”


100 Word Challenge – it wasn’t my fault

Another 100 Word Challenge from Julia’s Place. Click on the logo to go check them out. I’m running late this week, haven’t  had time to read yet, but hope to catch up.

you bought her whatThis week’s prompt: “it wasn’t my fault

My entry, 102 words with prompt.


Mom and dad were fighting again.  Tami’s heart sputtered in her chest as she walked to the  closed door. She pressed her ear against it, and felt the wood vibrate against her cheek in rhythm with the shouts.

“It wasn’t my fault!” Her mom’s voice. Strident. Pleading.  “There was too much traffic. I had to pick. up Tami from school and-”

Thwap! Tami’s head jerked away from the door at the sound of the first punch.

She slid to the floor and covered her ears with her hands. Tears slipped silently down her cheeks.

Over and over she whispered,

“It’s  my fault.”


100 word challenge – Wednesday

you bought her what

My second 100 word Challenge, hosted at Julia’s Place. This is week 29 for those who have been following, and if you want to participate, just follow this link:

100 word challenge week 29

This week’s prompt – one word: Wednesday  Here is my entry:


“Wednesday, what’s with Wednesday,” she muttered under her breath as she picked through the pile of lists on her desk.

“I know there was something. Surely I wrote it down.” She glanced at and tossed several more scraps of paper. So many reminders of things to do. Go to the bank, buy groceries, fix the doorbell. Doorbell? That was last year! How old were some of these?

Old. The word bit into her. No she was not old, she just… forgot.

A lot.

That’s why she had to write things down.

write…  write….. oh!  The 100 word challenge… Wednesday.



100 words challenge – you bought her what

My first post in this blog is in response to the “100 Word Challenge for Grownups” week 28, found here at Julia’s place:


you bought her what

The challenge is to take a prompt, and use it creatively within 100 words. The 100 words are in addition to the prompt, so if the prompt is 4 words, one can write up to 104 words for the challenge.  The prompt for this one: …you bought her what…  My entry is 104 words total, and believe me, it wasn’t easy to get it down to that. This is the kind of challenge I love!


…you bought her what…

“You  bought   her   what?”  The words shot out like bullets, each one precisely aimed and hitting the target.

John hated it when Lynn spoke in bullets.  It smashed his joy.

“It’s her sixteenth birthday. It’s special.  I bought her a car.”

“Take it back.” More bullets.

“Give me one good reason.”

The bullets bled down into pleading  pain. “You know why”

“Lynn,” John gathered her into his arms. He felt the tension leave her body as tears wet his shoulder. “That was years ago. No seatbelts or airbags. This isn’t the same.”

Wetness grew. Barely a whisper now, “Please, take it back.”

He did.


104 words 🙂 Thanks for reading,