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RAM: Randomly Accessed Memories

RAM-BoardOn January second of this new year, I lost internet for five days. Five days!!! It was scary at first, wondering what to do with myself while having my morning coffee – I am always in my email then, writing friends, visiting sites of interest. Now, for the first time in a long time I was left alone with myself. It was an interesting experience.

This project came to me while I was spending time without internet. I have a couple of friends I write to regularly, and I realized while cut off from them, that I have what can be described as a Need to Write, even if it’s not written specifically to someone.

Often while writing my friends, something they say will trigger a memory in me, and so I will share it with them, but in less detail than my memory is throwing at me. But it gave me an idea. I decided to start recording these Randomly Accessed Memories – to just think of something that happened in the past, and start writing. I guess it’s the Blogger’s way of creating one’s Memoirs, albeit in a un-ordered state, hence the word Random

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What the World Needs

comeAliveIsn’t that just perfect? I found it on Facebook at The Abundance Course.

It expresses so simply something I believe deeply.

I admire those who want to help others, change the world, make a difference. I fully respect the will, the intent, the desire. But the truth is, the best way to make a difference in the world is to simply come alive, do what you love to do, be who you are, and be the best you possible. Share that “you” with others.

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Time again, changes, and that face place

Well, for all my good intentions, the entire summer has passed and we are now moving back to regular time. No I won’t bother you with more time talk, just saying, it passes so fast I can’t even blink without missing something.

I have decided to try linking this blog to my Facebook Timeline. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, time will tell. (okay, okay, I said, no time talk)

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Saving Daylight?

imagedstI woke this morning, earlier than usual. It felt good to get up, thinking I had an early start on the day. As per my morning ritual, I made coffee (instant, yes, some people still do drink the instant stuff) and sat down with my laptop to check the morning mail. It was only then that I realized that I had not gotten an early start on the day, but a late one, as it was an hour later than I realized.

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What’s in a Blog?


To paraphrase the master – “What’s in a blog? A Blog, by any other name, would sound as sweet.”  Or would it? The coming of age of the Blog has fascinated me. People sharing information, ideas, even personal dreams and hopes, all online, all with one (?) main goal – but what is that goal? I would think most people’s first thought is Self Expression. But as I wade through the blogosphere, and read so many well written posts, I do see that many, dare I say most of them are genuine and heart felt.  However, and it’s a big however,  it seems to me that self-expression is just a side effect of the blog, not the main “raison d’être”, or reason of being. Continue reading →

Happy Holidays



Relax from Reality


I don’t take credit for the title, I got it from within a post from Paul’s Heart . I won’t even tell you which post, just go check out his blog, its both inspiring and well written. Paul is a Cancer Survivor, like myself, and while his blog does tell a lot about his journey of cancer survival, it also tells much about his heart and his wonderful view on a life well lived.

I tried to start a blog for cancer survivors, separate from this one. My pitiful three post blog Life Adapted. I think I will merge it into this one, as I found I couldn’t continue with it. Paul has found the right balance of optimism and daily living experiences, not over-focusing on the survival aspect, more on the living aspect, and that is what was missing in mine. But on to the title of this post.

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Twenty-Thirteen Ramblings: Resolve


I wonder how many blogs will be posting New Years Resolutions for 2013? A bunch, I bet. It’s tradition, after all. And because it’s tradition, it often becomes something done by rote, without any real thought. We make a list of things we want to do or accomplish, things we want to change about our life, our behavior. All with good intentions.

The problem with good intentions and with most resolutions is that they lack the fullness of resolve. No matter how sincere our intentions, our resolutions, without a sense of resolve they are just words on a list.

Have you made such a list? If so, how many of the resolutions on your list are based on wishing or hoping or simply good intentions for improvement, and how many actually have a sense of resolve attached to them?

Resolve goes beyond intent. Resolve gives a sense of purpose, of determination. You feel resolve deep within you.  If you read over your list of resolutions, and pay attention to what you feel in your body, you will find that most of them are felt in your head. Maybe a few in the heart.

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The Gift of Receiving

In complement to my Scrooge  post, in which I hopefully expressed my feelings about the nature of true giving, and it not being about packages and such, well, it occurred to me that there is another side of this, too. Receiving.

Most of us simply do not know how to receive. Oh, yes, when it comes to packages we learn early, I’m not talking about that, but since it’s that time of year, let me get it out of the way before I move on to the point of this post.

As kids, we love getting presents, and as adults too. In my previous post I mentioned a point in my childhood where getting gifts became stressful because I didn’t know what to say if I didn’t actually like something. And it made giving difficult because I didn’t want others to feel that awkwardness I felt when wondering what to say. Remember, I would learn to say things like “That’s nice of you” instead of “I love it” because I hated pretense of any sort. Well, the thing is, eventually it didn’t have to be pretense. I learned as I grew up, that I could feel the loving intent in the gifts even if it was something silly or useless. In other words, I learned to receive gifts in appreciation of the gesture. It truly is “the thought that counts”. I eventually did “get it”. The words took on meaning within me.

But I stand by what I said in the previous post – Xmas is still too much about packages under a tree, and not enough about real giving. I wonder why that is? Maybe it’s because we, as a society, are still at that stage of receiving, where the only thing we know how to appreciate are tangible gifts.

Lets get off the topic of packages. On to the real point of this post  – receiving.

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Sunday Scatterings: Judee Scrooge

HappyHolidays2AllFirst of all, I want to wish a very sincere Happy Holidays to all out there. I mean it, I know this time of year is one of family gathering and celebration and many happy feelings. I enjoy seeing festive decorations, look I even put the holiday theme on my blog, what’s not to love?

Well . . .

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