Time again, changes, and that face place

Well, for all my good intentions, the entire summer has passed and we are now moving back to regular time. No I won’t bother you with more time talk, just saying, it passes so fast I can’t even blink without missing something.

I have decided to try linking this blog to my Facebook Timeline. I don’t know if that’s a good idea or not, time will tell. (okay, okay, I said, no time talk)

I hesitate, because I never ever ever use Facebook. But I have friends and relatives who do, and it may be a way to let them know what is going on with me. They don’t keep blogs, for the most part, so anything I write in here is not available to them. Face it, either you blog, or you don’t. Either you Facebook or you don’t. So it’s nice to put them together.

Looks like WordPress has made some new changes to the editor. I kind of liked the old way, does that make me old-fashioned? Why is it that, as I get older, I am not as adaptable to change? This almost feels like a test post, testing out the new layout. And testing to see how/if it shows up in Fb.

This isn’t so bad, though. The changes are rather simple, and easy to figure out. Unlike changes in some of the programs I use, or used to use. I haven’t posted in my Art blog in a long time (a round tuit) because the programs I used to make art have changed, gotten more complex, and now require the reading of a long manual or watching tutorials just to figure out how to use them. That can be frustrating. So I don’t know if I will continue at any time on the other blogs – maybe, maybe not.

For some reason I can’t seem to find my creativity. The days have gotten shorter, and I don’t mean in terms of sunlight or hours awake. I mean shorter, literally! An hour passes too quickly on the clock. Minutes become seconds. Too swift. I wonder if the world is speeding up, or if I am simply slowing down? Probably the latter. Oops, talking about time again. Sorry.

I don’t know if I will be posting much in here, or not. I just wanted to check in, let the world out there know I am still around, even if I’m not doing much other than watching streamed tv shows on the computer or playing games (also on the computer). At least one thing is consistent in my life – the computer! 🙂

Maybe something creative will push its way out of me eventually. maybe not. Meanwhile, hi to all, and be well.



7 responses

  1. Nice to see you Judee and hear you are still kicking up your heels. Time sure does fly and all we can do is let it. Can’t lasso it, one party trick I never learned. 😀 😀

    1. Tess, you always do know what to say. 😉 Yeah, I’m still kicking, just not as high as I used to. I threw away that lasso years ago! Nice to see you!

      1. Always in the neighborhood. Glad to see you pop in or totally come back when you are ready. 🙂

  2. Hi again,, I think as we mature it is not the adapting to change, we just see that it is unnecessary to change at times and not always for the better… 😉

    1. Really good point! Nice to hear from you Gerry!

  3. Nice to see you around again Judee. 🙂 (And you can still use the old editor on WP by accessing via the dashboard. I’m not keen on the revised version either.) So if you’re old fashioned, then so am I. Keep well.

    1. Thanks for the tip, Sandra. Nice to see you too! 🙂 You just reminded me about what it is I miss when I don’t come in here.

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