Saving Daylight?

imagedstI woke this morning, earlier than usual. It felt good to get up, thinking I had an early start on the day. As per my morning ritual, I made coffee (instant, yes, some people still do drink the instant stuff) and sat down with my laptop to check the morning mail. It was only then that I realized that I had not gotten an early start on the day, but a late one, as it was an hour later than I realized.

So, if I’m supposed to be saving daylight, why do I feel like I’ve lost an hour to my day? Well, maybe because I have?

It can be interesting to Google Daylight Savings Time. I did it awhile back, but not today, I’ve already lost an hour, so I’m not going to lose more time. I always thought it started in war time, during the second World War. That is probably when it was first put into effect for any length of time, but actually Ben Franklin came up with the idea during a trip to Paris. Don’t ask me what Paris had to do with anything.

It doesn’t really matter, what matters is that I’ve lost an hour of my time today, and so I’m a bit put off. Mainly because I had set side today to work on my blogs. I’m not sure what to do with them, but I know I want to keep them. This one, my personal one, may be going through some changes, so if you see it, (or any of my blogs) changing formats, don’t be surprised.

And btw, has anyone tried to delete a blog? I changed emails when I moved, and I duly replaced my old email with the new one here in my WP account, but whenever I try to delete one of my two un-used blogs, it says it will send me an email to confirm, but I don’t get one.Β  So I’m assuming it is going to my old email address, which is no longer in use, or accessible. No big deal, but I don’t like clutter, and having two old blogs hanging in my account is clutter to me.

I don’t mind clutter around my computer, but I hate it inside my computer. That’s why I often get into Spring Cleaning mode every year or so, and go through my files, organize them, save them, etc. Sometimes I can go a long while, but other times it can be every 6 months or so, depending on what I’ve been doing with my PCs. I don’t have anything to clean at the moment, because I’ve pretty much not used my PC for the past year, other than turning it on now and then to make sure it still works, and has all the updates. I got kind of distracted from selling the house and moving and all that. Boy was that fun! Cleaning out 16 years of accumulated clutter, and then moving into an apartment where everything was new, even the furniture. Best Spring Clean of my life!

email01But nothing to organize for awhile now, as I have finally settled in. That is probably why I am wanting to play cleaning service with my blogs. I need to organize! My laptop computer has little or nothing to organize on it, as I use it mainly for email. Hey, wait, I can clean out my email, organize it, yeah! Okay, I feel better now, just knowing there is something I can sort through and straighten up. But I still want to do the blogs, too. But that’s not quite as easy as email.

There really are a lot of themes to choose from. And I do like the new theme testing page where you can see how it looks, but it would be nice if there were more options visible on that page. For example some themes will allow more than one layout, but when I test it, it opens onto a full page, without widgets or menus on the side, even though the theme allows for those options. So the only way to really see how it looks, and what the full options are, is to activate it, and try it out.

I guess that’s not so bad, though. It’s hard to choose no matter what. And it always seems that when I find one blog that has certain options I really like, it will be missing one or two elements I want or need.

I’ve thought about paying for a layout. But as far as I can see there is no “try before you buy option”. Yes, you can see it like any other theme, but it still doesn’t give the full scope. Besides, I assume even a purchased theme will still have limitations as to font and colors and all that. The best option would be custom, which isn’t very expensive, but then, which blog do I use it for? And what about the fact that I don’t know css? Do I customize all three of my main blogs, or just one? Until I decide, and certainly until I start blogging at any frequency that would warrant it, I will just stay with the local free themes.

I know, I know – bo-ring! Why am I babbling on and on about blog stuff instead of personal stuff? I guess because I am content with my life. Not a bad place to be, at all. But nothing much happens, either. What I hope, though, is to get more involved in digital art again, and that will put me back onto my other blog. No more excuses, I’m settled in and it’s time to play. πŸ™‚

If only I could find that extra hour . . .

4 responses

  1. Have no fear. You’ll find that extra hour around 2:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 2, 2014………………lol

    1. Ha, I guess I will have to be patient. Though I may get mine back before you get yours as I think DST ends in Europe a week earlier than in the US. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for stopping by, Russel!

  2. I’m missing that hour as well. I really hate the spring forward of daylight savings. I drag my butt for a week afterwards. I am happy that things seem to be going so well for you! Moving sure is a good way to clean out the clutter and having a new place seems to make it all seem just that much cooler. Then it’s not just “spring cleaning,” it’s organizing with a purpose! My challenge is always keeping it clean! I am very happy that you are content. And, sometimes, babbling is good. πŸ™‚

    1. Organizing with a purpose, yes, that fits! I just about organized everything away, lol, and it felt wonderful! Thanks for stopping by!

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