Sunday Scatterings: Changes to come

I’ve decided that five blogs is just too many.

There, I said it.  And some may have noticed – I’ve already started blending into this one. My writing blog, write tuit , is now incorporated into this one. WordPress, thank you for making it so easy! All I had to do was export it to a file, then import it into this one, and it blended right in, putting my creative writing posts in chronological order mixed in with these posts. Perfect!

I will probably do the same with Life Adapted. I’ve sadly dropped the ball on that one. Good intentions, but lack of will. Why is that, do you suppose? The idea was good – help people going through similar physical deterioration as myself due to past cancer treatments. I’m all about helping people. And I may continue with it from time to time, but I think I will put the posts in here, as this is my main blog, my life. The thing is, I cannot separate out my cancer experience and the late effects of the treatments from my daily life, because they are with me 24/24.  I realized that, for example, my posts about the CPAP and now oxygen at night are all related to the changes going on in my body. It’s not some theoretical generic scenario I can offer advice on, it’s my life.

Besides, I like the color theme over there and may steal it for this blog. ;D

Meanwhile, my so-called “art” blog, a round tuit ,  will stay separated. Eventually it will be incorporated into a site, if I ever get a round tuit, of course. My digital art site is so out of date it’s not even worth keeping up, but if I redesign it and update the information in it, the round tuit blog will be perfect for keeping up with things.

What’s left? Oh, my dream journal, tuit dreams. That one too must remain separate. Well, I guess I could post the dreams in here, too, but eventually they too will be part of a site, so best left where they are.

.  .  .  .  .

Okay, that’s the blog update, what about the rest?

The oxygen is working out well, so much easier than the CPAP, and my oxygen levels remain normal all night in spite of my extremely low breathing.

The house is still for sale – we had a couple of new visits this past week (Friday and Saturday) and I am hoping to hear about them on Monday. They certainly talked a lot, (to the Realtor) so maybe there is hope. I want my life to get settled.

My car battery died. 😦 At least, I hope it’s the battery. My ex took me to pick up some groceries, and the next day bought some cables to jump it and will be coming by Monday to do that. I have a really nice ex. 🙂 Talk about strange relationships. Okay, I know we weren’t talking about strange relationships, but I am now.

Let’s just say that my ex and I are on friendly terms. No, not that kind of friendly. 😉 When he moved away and made a new family, his new wife didn’t want him bringing the girls to their place, so he always came here to see them, often stopping by as often as a few times a week. The girls are grown, but the dropping by hasn’t stopped, now he drops by to check on me and see how things are going and to complain talk about what’s going on in his life, etc. He recently separated from his wife, moved into a small apartment and we gave him some of our furniture that we don’t plan to keep.

I honestly don’t know why he comes by so often. Not to see the girls, they’re never here, one of them has already moved out and the other spends most of her time at the University or with her bf. I don’t know if it’s just habit, or if he’s lonely or what. While I could easily live without the visits, there is a certain comfort to know someone is checking up on me, there for me in case of need, like with the car. He’s a good man who screwed up, and he knows it. But as I’ve told him, it’s not really a screw up because he now has two sons that he adores. As with everything, it’s all in how you look at it.

I don’t like to look at life as being full of “mistakes”. Technically it is, of course, but I prefer to call them learning experiences. Lessons. We aren’t born knowing how to live, we have to grow and learn and adapt, and we fall down and make mistakes and correct them if we can. Some people have more difficult times than others, perhaps due to the circumstances of their life, or perhaps simply due to sensitivity, character, so many factors to consider.

No one gets through life unscathed, but we all do get through life. And hopefully learn something from it, and develop an appreciation for it, even for the so-called “mistakes”,  because often it is the one thing that put us off our intended path that leads us to a more rewarding life.

I am so happy to be divorced. I like being on my own, don’t think I could ever live with a man again. I look forward to my daughters’ independence, and though I know the road ahead of them will be filled with pitfalls and detours, I also know that it will lead them where they are supposed to be. And I look forward to having my own cozy apartment to enjoy for the rest of the time left for me. I will make it my own,  in whatever style I choose.

Life it good.

And so it is!


4 responses

  1. I know someone else who said the same as you about not living with a man again, so i wouldn’t rule it out, then again you are nothing like her……….

    1. I’ve always enjoyed a certain sense of autonomy, and like my own free time too much to have to share it on a daily basis with a partner, lol. Stuck in my ways? I admit it.

  2. You sound really positive Judee; that’s great. I smiled when I read “we aren’t born knowing how to live.” I said something similar to my husband the other day, that we aren’t born knowing how to get old and die, and there aren’t many classes (that I know of) that teach you how to come to terms with the process.

    Good luck with the house sale; hope things turn out well there.

    1. Thank you Sandra, it’s always nice to see you!

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