Sunday Scatterings: Not Lost

Okay, okay, I’ve been terribly absent the past couple of weeks. I did do some writing around one or two weeks ago? Gosh how much time has passed?

Since my last SS post, I have posted three times in here, just scroll down to see them, all about my Sleep Study, and then the Results, plus I caught up with Cee’s Share Your World, three in one!

I also managed a few creative writing exercises/ challenges since my last SS post. You can find them at write tuit. I’m trying to do what I can, not always the same challenge, but timing is the biggest element as to whether I get something done. So, I’ve managed one entry for the 100WCGU, Helping Hands.Β  For the Saturday Centus, I’ve managed two in the past few weeks, Texas Pleasure and Recipe Lost.Β  The most recent was for Friday Fictioneers, about Rainbow Fairies.

So, you ask, what have I been busy with? Well, for awhile there, I really thought we had a buyer for the house. So I kinda went crazy looking for an apartment to buy. I even visited one and set up appointments to visit three others. But then, after a week without word from the prospective buyers, who had come to see the house twice at rather inconvenient times, they decided against it.

Yes, I was really disappointed. Plus I had talked to the bank and they are concerned about my disability in terms of how much they will lend me to buy an apartment, so I have to talk to a financial counselor who knows the Disability laws here and can find a bank that will work for me. Not impossible, just more busy work and hunting. This weekend I’ve decided to just let it go and not worry about it.

Oh! I almost forgot to mention – I got my breathing apparatus, for my sleeping time. It’s fairly simple, and I got the least bothersome “mask” to use. It only covers my nose. I’m to try it out and see if it works okay. If I end up breathing through my mouth a lot I may have to change masks, but hopefully not as this one seems fairly comfortable.

I haven’t tried it yet. i picked it up on Saturday and didn’t have the courage to assemble it until today, so tonight will be my first try with it. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Meanwhile, sorry I haven’t been visiting much. My mind has been on other things for awhile.

Be well, be happy, and above all, enjoy!



9 responses

  1. Glad to see a post from you Judee! The right buyer will come along at the right time. They always do! πŸ™‚ Hope your CPAP works for you. xox

    1. Thank you Jeannie, yes, I have to trust in that. I’ll probably write somethng about the CPAP later, I’m still getting adjusted to it.

  2. Dear Judee, I am so glad to hear you again. I missed you. I hope and wish you to find a buyer soon for your house. Welcome back, Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    1. Thank you nia, you are always so sweet to me. You have a lovely day, too. πŸ™‚

  3. Hope you find a buyer when you have all the little pieces together and ready to made your move too.

    I haven’t been too present myself lately; too busy just doing the life thing. Don’t beat yourself up about it. I was pleased to see you back. That’s when I realized I hadn’t seen you for a while. Hope you get good sleep with your new apparatus.

    1. Thank you Tess. And no, I’m not beating myself up, I just felt it would be good to let people know. I have no intention of dissappearing from WordPress, but life is hectic at the moment and so I am less involved than I was in the beginning. That old P word. (Priority)

  4. wonder … should have read wonderful. (Duh).

  5. Gee Judee, I’m a mere 681 unread e-mails behind right now, so I know what it is like not to be able to fit it all in. I wish you the best of luck in the sale of your existing home and in finding a new home that will suit your lifestyle to a ‘T’. πŸ™‚ Have a wonder (remaining) weekend.

    1. Thank you Marcy, I sure hope it’s a done deal by summer’s end. I solved the email thing by turning off the ebots for all but the challenge announcements. I figure when I can, I come look in the reading section where all my faves are, and just find out what’s going on from there. I may have to re-think that, because I keep forgetting to do it!

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