My Writerly Space

Madison Woods posted a fun little idea on her blog, about  “Writerly Spaces”.  She showed us a picture of her writing space, and asked for us to join in and show ours. I love this kind of thing.  Just as I enjoy seeing people’s computer “desktops”, you know on the screen. It’s interesting to see where people sit when they are writing, or doing artwork or whatever, and I think it’s often a reflection of their personality.

Anyway, here is my little corner of the world where I spend most of my day, leaning back in the chair, a pillow behind my neck,  with my feet up on the desk and the keyboard in my lap, mouse to the side.  It’s comfortable, and it allows me to stay attached to two extraordinary worlds – my inner creative world, and the WWW world where I’ve met so many interesting people.

For those whose eyes aren’t so good (yes, it’s your eyes, not my shaky handed photography, lol) the page on the left screen is the one linked to Madison’s page from the beginning of this post. I’m not sure what’s on the right screen, I think I still had my email open.

I like having plenty of room, though I admit the desk is usually a bit more cluttered than that. I have a Real-estate agent coming this afternoon, so I had to clean up a bit. (Perfect timing Madison, I actually look like I’m halfway neat!)  😉

To be honest, I haven’t been back into writing long, only since I started these blogs and found the writing challenges. My more recent interests have been in the area of digital art, and if you can’t tell, that’s what those magazines on the shelves are about. But regardless, this is my universe, whether I’m writing, or drawing or checking on friends, this is where I am.

So, where are you? I’d love to see it. Click on Madison’s link above and leave a link to a post where you show your little writing corner. You can leave it in my comments too if you wish. It’s fun to see, so go ahead, show me who you are by giving me a glimpse of your writing space. I can’t wait to see it. 🙂

7 responses

  1. I would love a space like that, my desk is so tiny, a corner unit with no place to write, so I had to get a lap board so I can sit in the living room by the window, or on the deck if it is warm enough to get some writing done.

  2. My Writing one is ‘Writing Hell’ a link is on Gerry’s Space main page. that is if you would like…;)

  3. […] just about everything but sleeping space although I occasionally manage to doze there too) – My Writerly Space  Feel free to share your space, too, it’s […]

  4. Yours looks so organized. I’m jealous. I always have things piled on my desk. Including a cup of tea!

    1. Ha Shirley, Madison’s post caught me on a day it had been cleaned up for the Realtor photos – you should see it in its normal state. I could have messed it up again before taking the picture, but I figured it was kind of nice to have it clean – for a few days, at least. Thanks for dropping by!

  5. Madison Woods | Reply

    Oh I like your space a lot, I think I could be very creative there with all that available space to clutter up 🙂 Actually, I used to have a table next to my desk before I put the bed to make a guest room out of my office. And I kept that table too cluttered too, although when I cleared it off I loved it. I like being able to spread a project out so I can see all the parts I’m working on in one sweeping glance. Your chair looks very comfy too!

    1. Yes, the chair is very comfy, thank you. And it is nice to have room to clutter when you want to. Also nice to clean the clutter once or twice a year, lol.

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