100 Word Challenge & Friday Fictioneers

Okay, due to lack of time, I ended up combining a couple of challenges here, I hope you don’t mind. The first is the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups, hosted at Julia’s Place,  and the second is for Madison Wood’s Friday Fictioneers. You don’t have to read both, but they are kind of a two part tale all in one. I think each could be fine as a 100 word drabble (I learned a new word!) I tried to make them open and close in ways that they could be independent, but at the same time, they were inspired together and so kind of fit together. Don’t forget to click the links and see what others have done.

Here are the Prompts:

you bought her what

phrase prompt this week:

“but I turned it off”

And for Friday Fictioneers, a photo:

Oh and btw – this is based on a true event.


100WCGU (Prompt: “but I turned it off”)

Strange Things (part 1)  (100 words)

Janet walked into the kitchen, squinting at the brightness of the overhead light. “But I turned it off …didn’t I, Bo?”

“whuff” Bo answered. He nudged her hand.

“Patience,” she ruffled his ears, “I’m getting it.”

She bent into the fridge, reaching into the back for the baloney.  When she  closed the door, the room was in darkness.

“What the…?”

“whuff.” Bo insisted.

Absently, she tossed the baloney to Bo as she walked over to the light switch – it was down. She flicked it up, and the light came on. What’s going on?

Bo gave a low throaty growl.


Friday Fictioneers  (picture Prompt)

Strange Things (part 2)  (98 words)

Bo growled at the kitchen door. Janet tensed. Bo never growled.

From behind the door came a strange mechanical sound followed by




Janet laughed in relief, it was just the cuckoo clock, sounding the half hour. Bo followed her into the darkened hallway. She looked up at the old clock as it ticked off each second with a soothing rhythm.

Bo whined, not soothed at all.

“What’s the matter, Bo? It’s just the – ” she broke off, memory sending an icy chill up her spine.

The clock had been wound down for over a week.



43 responses

  1. Madison Woods | Reply

    That gave me goosebumps! And who could NOT read the second part after the first left off with such an excellent cliffhanger?!

    1. Thank you Madison. I love giving goosebumps, lol. Glad you made it by.

  2. I love thrillers! I have a dog that tells me when she has to pee, needs water, dinnertime and when an earthquake is coming. I also believe that she is my mother reincarnated because she gets agitated when I sit down to watch TV.

    This was a great piece. I felt like I was right there in the kitchen with you.

    1. Thank you Liz, I’m glad you liked it. And yes, dogs can be amazing. Thanks for the visit! 🙂

  3. Clever to combine two prompts into one story! Really spooky – great stuff!

    1. Thank you Sally Jayne, glad you could drop by.

  4. Very nice! Love it!

    For a second, I thought it would turn out that Janet had installed the lights on “The Clapper” and Bo’s barking was triggering it. The same thing used to happen when I was a kid and my grandparents got one of the first models of TVs with a remote control. Those early remotes works sonically, not with the infra-red technology used now, so whenever their small dog would pounce upon its favourite squeak toy, the TV channel would change. LOL!

    Here’s my story: http://wp.me/p24aJS-3m

    1. Ha, that’s funny! I can just picture them watching tv and not even realizing why the channel changed on it’s own – until they figured it out. Thanks for dropping by and sharing that delightful anectdote. 🙂

  5. Oh, wow! I got a chill. Still have it, especially since you said it’s a true story. Good one!

    1. Thank you, glad it gave you a chill!

  6. […] tuit:  This week I combined two challenges into one with Strange Things – two 100 word challenge posts in one for the 100 Word Challenge for Grownups, and for Friday […]

  7. Thank you so much!

  8. ooh this gave me goosebumps – well done!

  9. Creepy. I want to know what happens next. (And aren’t dogs the best?)

    Mine is here: http://threedescriptors.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/flash-fiction-18-watch-dog/

    1. Yes, dogs can sense things we cannot. Thank you for the visit and I’m glad it gave you a sense of creepiness. 😉

  10. Judee,
    This is a really good one. Engages you immediately and has a terrifying finish. You deserve some kind of award for this one. Marco Polo magazine is publishing an issue with 100 flashes. You should enter this one!
    Here’s mine: http://bridgesareforburning.wordpress.com/

    1. Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Especially coming from you, as I enjoy your writing and appreciate what you have to say.

  11. Glad to read another spooky entry

    1. Spooky is fun. 😉 Thanks for the visit, and I enjoyed yours too. 🙂

  12. Oh gosh, I’m super nervous. Bo knows what’s up and it ain’t good. What happened? Its based on a true event so ghost or a prank? Creepy.

    My attempt: http://unduecreativity.wordpress.com/2012/03/15/a-little-longer/

    1. I never found out what happened. I was alone in the house, and I can tell you, it was spooky! Thanks for the visit and comment. 🙂

  13. Lora Mitchell | Reply

    Oh, oh.,..Goosebumps. Are you sure this is not a haunted house? Creepy. Thankfully, you have Bo to protect you. Nice beginning of a spooky story..continue.. Here’s mine:

    1. It was an older house, and definitely had some spooky moments in it. I haven’t thought of it in years, but it would make good fodder for a story… Thanks for the visit!

  14. Silly dog! I love that Bo is pulling pranks on his owner. I’d love to hear more about the “real story.”

    ~Susan (Here’s mine: http://www.susanwenzel.com/)

    1. Or…maybe it’s not Bo doing it…ohhhhhh

      1. Nope, not Bo. If I’d had more words, I would have described the clock – it is one that has these two weights on chain and the weights go down as it ticks. To rewind, you just pull the weights up to the top. The wieghts had been all the way down for weeks, actually, and suddenly they were at the top, and the clock was ticking.

    1. Thanks for coming by!

  15. ohhh I realaalalalalllllly hope you continue this in next week’s drabble if you are able to! This seems like a dream of a short story.

    My link is here: http://quillshiv.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/dichromatic/

    1. Well, we’ll see, but actually this was the end of it. It’s a true tale, (more or less – the dog was added), and I never figured out what happened, why the lights flicked on then off, or how that cuckoo clock got re-wound. Just one of a few mysterious occurances in my life.

      1. That is pretty creepy! I think I would run with it though; let your imagination go wild.

  16. Oh mercy! Chills up my back! Listen to the dog!!!! Good work here! Excellent!!


    1. Thank you Jeannie. 🙂

  17. I loved this! Full of suspense and tension. I really want to know who or what’s there.

    Here’s mine: http://teschoenborn.com/2012/03/15/friday-fictioneers-2/

    1. Thank you. I never found out what happened, or why. I was alone in the house, aside from the dog… 🙂

  18. ooh, scary. My skin is crawling now, I hope your MC is OK. At least she has Bo to protect her.

    I’m over here: http://elmowrites.wordpress.com/2012/03/16/friday-fictioneers-lucy

    1. Yeah, she was okay, cause she was me. Lol, it really happened, the lights, the clock. Never explained. Weird, huh? 😉

  19. Love the ending with the clock! Great suspense and cliff hanger!

    I used my own photo from the recent Branson Tornado for a writing prompt this week…

    1. Glad you liked it. 🙂

    1. Thank you Sandra. Actually, that was all there was to it. Nothing else happened that night.

    1. Thank you Gregory, glad you liked it!

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