Silly Synchronicities

I love synchronicity in all of its manifestations, but sometimes the most fun is when it just pops in and surprises you with something silly.

I had a call from the optician telling me my reading glasses were ready, so I got in my car and started driving to town. As it was a bright day, I found myself thinking of sunglasses – but that would be expensive, I really cannot afford yet another pair of glasses right now – three in a row is enough. Still, I was rolling along thinking about my budget and wondering if I could afford them before summer, at least.

Driving on, I noticed something in the road ahead. It glinted in the sunlight. Nothing big, but I kept my eyes on it as I approached. Imagine my surprise when I saw that there in the middle of the road lay a pair of sunglasses. Yep. They even looked like corrective sunglasses, because the lenses, though tinted, still were not as dark as most plain sunglasses, and the sun glinted off the lenses in a way that wouldn’t happen with plain ones.

I let out a laugh, rolled on, passing over them, and checked my rear view mirror to be sure I hadn’t hallucinated it – yep, they were there all right.

Synchronicity. Why silly? Because there was absolutly nothing significant or profound about sunglasses, it was just one of those funny things, I was thinking about buying sunglasses and there were sunglasses in the middle of the road. I mean, how many times does one see sunglasses lying in the road? What are the odds that I would see them there just as I was thinking about getting some for myself?

That’s what I love about synchronicity, it’s always such a surprise. It can be any time, any thing. From serious to silly, from mundane to magical, but it always is a reminder to me that life is special and unique and fun.


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  2. Ask and ye shall receive. 😉 Lucky you!

    1. Ha, not always, but surprisingly often. Thanks for commenting.

    1. thanks for stopping by dadi

  3. That is silly. Although, I would’ve picked them up. = )

    1. I thought about it, but was moving too fast and already late for my appointment. 😉 Thanks for the visit.

  4. well … how were they — did they fit?

    1. Ha, if only! Thanks for stopping in. 🙂

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