Sunday Scatterings 02/19/12

I think I may change my Sunday Scatterings to Saturday Scatterings next week – there are just too many different things I post on Sunday, makes it hard to keep up. But here we are with another week passed, and lemme see, have I done anything? Well, my taxes are still waiting on me, so if next weeks pickings are slim, we’ll know why.

I also feel like I’ve had a very lazy week, especially in terms of creativity. Guess I better go look see…

in tuit that’s this one, so you may have already seen, I did manage two posts this week. First off, I answered Cee’s questions for the weekly Share your World  and let’s not forget the Weekly Photo Challenge, this week the topic is Down. Cee has already posted the next weekly share, but it may take me a day or two to get tuit.

a round tuit   Well, I didn’t get any of the planned posts on digital art posted, bad me – but I did manage two posts, both on a Sunday, one last week and one this week. Thanks to jakesprinter for the inspiration, I’ve managed to create a couple of posts at least, Sunday Post – Expression and Sunday Post – Colorful. Yes, I actually got a post done on the same day of the theme, but I admit I had help because jake posted the prompt yesterday. 😉

write tuit  No 100Wcgu this week as the last one was for 2 weeks duration, but I did manage to write. We had another Friday Fictioneers picture prompt which inspired my Flash Friday – Alive post. I do love these challenges. I also have two posts for Saturday Centus, again I managed the second one this week, but only because it was a 6 word challenge instead of a 100 word challenge. Crafty Jenny. 😉 You still have plenty of time for this weeks challenge, and will find the link on my page. My two posts are here:  Saturday Centus – Firehouse Wedding  and Saturday Centus – Autobriefagraphical

Hey, unless I’m mis-counting, that’s 7 posts. Pretty good for a week.

I also got an award! Yep, little ole me – but you’ll have to check back to see what it’s about. (Hey, gotta keep you coming back one way or another, right?)

On a side note – Jenny’s Centus is hosted at Blogspot, and I am having problems posting comments there Sometimes (maybe 10% of the time) OpenID works, most of the time, not. WordPress sign in, the same thing, about 98% not working. So if you are a Blogspot blogger, know that I do read and appreciate all challenge posts, I just can’t always comment. In fact, i can’t even comment on Jenny’s own post, if it weren’t for the linky thing I wouldn’t be able to participate.

One thing that does work is if you leave the option to comment with Name/URL. Those usually do work. Some of them come with the “captcha” bot and while that is better than not being able to comment, I must say sometimes the words on there are very very difficult to read. If I may suggest, try without it and see, maybe you won’t get too much spam, but if you do feel you need it, keep it – just give us an alternative sign-in (like Name(URL) pretty please…

No dreams this week, so nothing added to that blog, and nothing yet on the Life Adapted blog – though I do have intentions for that one, it’s not something I like to focus on, and i need to be in a certain frame of mind to work on it, so any of you interested, please be patient. Though if you are interested, you probably learned patience already…

Have a great week everyone, and above all – Enjoy!

– Judee


6 responses

  1. You did very well! I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ll try and limit myself to one blog, for now. My mind gets all scattered…

    I started blogging in Blogger the 1st of January this year … I moved! Because I like their picture viewer (!). It didn’t last all that long ..a month. Missed WP too much.

    I removed the Captcha, the first thing I did. I know there seems to be problems with the Open-ID, so I left all other options there, including the name/URL that always works. There could probably be the same problem here in WP, when a person wants to comment, who isn’t signed up for WP.

    1. It really is an individual thing. I tend to be scattered too, but somehow putting everything in one blog feels too compressed for me, no idea why. The layout thing really is part of it – different feelings for different blogs.

      Btw – clicked on your name to pop over to your blog, you changed the name I see? Or did you have that one all along? Just so you know on fluffy flurries, when I click on the Home button, it takes me back to the front page of absense of snow, which has nothing left on it but the wordpress first post.Not sure why that is happening, but you might want to check it out.

      1. oh dear …thank you for telling me — it’s because I have the custom menu..

      2. …and yes, I changed the name/URL of the blog … thought this is more “me” 🙂

  2. Hey Judee, you’re pretty clever leaving links to your posts for the week like this. It makes it easy for your followers to check out what they may have missed earlier.

    1. Thank you Marcy – I need this too to keep up with myself!

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