Sunday Scatterings

My scattered posts of the week.

a round tuit:  two posts: The Weekly Photo Challenge – Hope  and a post about a time limited offer at Daz 3d – Create 3d Digital Art for Free

write tuit:  three 100 word challenges: 100 Word ChallengeFriday Fictioneers, and Saturday Centaurs

tuit dreams:  I recorded two dreams this week, both on the same night. Midnight and It’s My party

Life Adapted:  I completed the About page and posted the first post on the NY Times article Life After Cancer, a Picture Collage

in tuit – this blog, this is my second post of the week, though I’m not sure it counts. 😉

Counting them up – that’s nine posts or pages, so I guess that’s not bad. Better than a post a day, actually. Now to see if I can keep it up. I really have no idea, but I hope so.

Keeping five separate blogs suits me, it feels right, comfortable – as I explained in the About section. Still, if I’m not careful I can lose track of what I wrote where and when. It’s hard to get a real sense of progress when each blog is thus far so short, taking baby steps to form their own autonomy. So, since this is the hub, the just judee blog, I decided to make a Sunday post to bring together the different scattered posts of the week, to see what I’ve been up to and realize that even though the other blogs are not filling up with pages, I am still keeping active on all of them.

Of course, the contrary will be true, too, when I don’t post much in a week, this Sunday scattering will show that, too, and perhaps give me a little push to write more often in the coming week.

Have a great week.

3 responses

  1. Thanks for visiting me…you got me on the line now…whatcha gonna do with me?

    1. Say “Hello, and welcome to my world”

  2. Great Entry my friend 🙂

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