I can see clearly now

Oh wow, what have I been missing? I picked up my new glasses today – two pair, one for distance, and one for the computer. I can see! I can read! No wonder my eyes got so tired before, I wasn’t seeing clearly at all.

Getting gorceries after with my distance glasses, I could actually read those signs high up alongside the grocery aisles – I could find things again without wandering through the entire store. Everything looked so crisp, so clear. Even colors seem brighter. And now, here at home, I’m sitting at the computer with my computer glasses and can read even small print easily. I honestly didn’t realize how bad my eyes had gotten until now – even digital art has a newer fresher quality to it. I’m really looking forward to having some fun, now.

I added pictures yesterday for the Weekly Photo Challenge on my Round TuiT blog, for any who are interested. (blog links to the upper right). And I finally got the About page done and the theme format finished for my fifth and last blog, Life Adapted, though I’ll probably change the About part as it evolves. At the moment, I’m not even sure what it will become,  only that it’s something I have to do. I guess I will learn as I go.

Which is basically true of all of my blogs. While each has a theme, how that theme will find expression will depend on so many different factors. With 5 blogs, I can’t possibly work with them all at once, certainly not every day, but that’s okay. I can just work on the one that inspires me in the moment. Some days it will be the dream journal, especially if I had an interesting dream during the night, other times it will be digital art – and whoa, that alone could be a major project, as I still haven’t found my preferred niche in digital art. Some days I will be inspired by a writing challenge, others I might read something that sends me to my life adapted blog. And days like today, well, I just feel like stopping by and saying hey, I can see!

My life has always been like that, so I guess the blogs are a kind of reflection of that. Each day is new unto itself, and I never know ahead of time what I will feel like doing. I live an unscheduled life, (except for appointments) which can be kind of chaotic at times, but I like it. It’s incredibly freeing to do what you want when you want it. Of course, it helps that the girls are now grown, living their own lives. And of course, there are always little and big interruptions to the flow, you know that “stuff” you can’t avoid, like eating to stay alive, and paying taxes. But aside from all that, I just do what I do when I do it, and it’s a fantastic way to live.

Oh and hey – I can see!!

4 responses

  1. Everything is taxing when your eyes are struggling to let you see. Happy to hear that you have new glasses that bring your world into better view.

    1. Thanks for the visit kittyhere, and yes, the strain is gone, so much easier now.

  2. Go,go,go my friend 🙂

    1. Thank you Jake, I sure will. 🙂

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