I am constantly organizing “stuff”. Lately it’s been more about virtual stuff than physical.  Can’t force the body to do what it can’t do. But I can still organize my computer and what I put on it.

My computer loves to fill up with files and pictures and artwork and programs and writing and e-books and audiobooks and so many things.  After awhile I get an urge to organize. Not that it isn’t organized, I keep things pretty much where I want them. But I like to re-organize, or find new things to organize.

I love getting a new computer to start fresh and clean, slowly adding what I want, where I want it. I keep everything backed up, of course, but how nice is it to open my audiobook program and find it empty, waiting for the first book to listen to. Sure, I may have to re-download it from the “cloud” but that’s okay.  Programs to install? Sure, but this time only the ones I’m going to use. Or so it goes.

In between computers, if too much time passes, I will do a full reformat, deleting everything and starting fresh. I wonder what that says about me?

When I discovered Word Press, it was inevitable that my love of organizing would take over. I couldn’t have just one blog, no, I had to have several – why? So I could organize them, of course, make each one unique. But in all that organizing, I forgot one important thing – I needed a blog to just sit back with, one I could just relax in, put up my feet, and be me.

So here it is, here I am. I’ve gotten my artistic side, my writer side, and my dream side covered. One more to take care of and the wheel will be complete.

This is the hub, the core, the blog behind the other blogs.

just judee

just me


4 responses

  1. Good luck getting organized. When you have an artistic side, it is sometimes hard to keep things straight, I find. You can’t create and clean at the same time. LOL. I tend to make my mess and clean up later, only to repeat steps 1 & 2 over and over again. Usually, I can find what I need when I need it.

  2. I think I have lost a comment here.
    Thank you for visiting my SC-post.
    You are first commenter and get an extra link.
    Thank you for your kind encouragement about my story. My mind drew a blank on Saturday, so I waited until this morning to write it.
    Best wishes,
    ‘Parent-teacher meeting’ Anna’s SC wk 92

  3. Your Computer are great I think Glad to meet you mt friend 🙂

  4. I also love organizing things. Sometimes I feel like why I let things get in such a mess is so I can figure out how to fix it.

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